Telling your story

Fujifilm returns with a new version of its retro-styled mirrorless digital camera, packed with pro-level features to help capture memorable moments. The lightweight and compact body comes with a high-resolution EVF (electronic viewfinder), quick and accurate face-detection autofocus (AF) and a high-speed APS-C 24.2-megapixel image sensor. Not only can you take crisp still photos, but you can also shoot video at 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The creativity doesn’t end there. A widescreen vari-angle LCD touchscreen simplifies shooting from various angles, including selfies for ultimate “I was there” photos and video. Improved low-light performance means photos maintain their vibrancy and detail when the sun sets and the lights dim. Get beautiful colours straight out of camera with Film Simulation modes, and HDR that bring Fujifilm’s long legacy to your fingertips.

The right touch

With the 3.5-inch vari-angle widescreen LCD touch display at a 16:9 aspect ratio, you have plenty of flexibility when you need to frame your shot. Rotate it between 90 and 180-degrees, or leave it open or closed between 0 to 180-degrees.

Get a better view without losing sight of the scene. Tilt and angle the screen to capture a subject with artistic flair or view a landmark from a different perspective. Flip it around and show the world what your eyes and ears bear witness to, no matter where you are.

The LCD touchscreen is intuitive and responsive, providing a high level of control over the X-T200’s features and functionality. Use it to adjust a variety of settings, like brightness, background blur, film simulation effects, and image aspect ratios.

Proper focus

Updated Face/Eye Detection AF is quick and easy when locking onto individuals or groups of people, and it works just the same when flipping out the camera’s LCD screen out. Never worry about staying in focus every time you take a selfie.

Automated functions, like Main Subject Recognition, mean the X-T200’s advanced AF can track a main subject within the frame. Use it with a 8fps burst mode to freeze action, ensuring you don’t miss what’s most important in the frame.

That stability also extends to high-quality video, courtesy of the New Electronic Stabilization, which has a gyro sensor that helps reduce the effects of camera shake when recording video footage. HDR Video improves recording in high-contrast situations, including in-camera editing tools to share clips at the right duration and size.

A colourful world

The Fujifilm X-T200 benefits from Fujifilm’s long history of colour science and film production. The 85 years of industry experience is squeezed into this camera through 11 digital Film Simulation modes. Use them to bring the look and feel of iconic photography eras to the modern world.

There are also 20 advanced filters with user-friendly access to push your creativity even further. They include the new “Clarity Filter” to control how much detail and texture you can bring out of an image to enhance your creative possibilities.

With the free Fujifilm Camera Remote app for iOS or Android, you can view and transfer the images you want over to your smartphone or tablet on the go.  It will even notify you when a free firmware update is ready, and upload it to your camera.

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