boxing day traditions sales We all have traditions that we pull out of a box, dust off, and place on the mantel for a few weeks at this time of year like vintage, pink and silver, glass ornaments on a tree. Boxing Day shopping, for some, is one of those traditions. But, the only problem with traditions is that they can cause events from last year to blend in with those from the year before, and the ones before that. Our “memory” of Boxing Days past becomes an out-of-focus collage of smiles and candy-canes: kind of nice but not the kind of thing to bring a tear to the eye or even to generate a “remember when” conversation topic at the dinner table.

Boxing Day as Family Day

A recent post I read on LinkedIn struck me as inconsistent with my world-view of Boxing Day. It said that Boxing Day is your chance to get something for yourself: put yourself first for once by buying that item from … [insert your store of choice—mine is Best Buy since I work for Best Buy]. But that is not what Boxing Day is for me. Many years ago, my mother perceived that with six sons she was unlikely to have her family together at Christmas once we all got married. So, she declared Boxing Day as our family day: “Spend Christmas with the other side (not the “dark side” as Star Wars references were not her forte, though the insinuation was not lost on us boys) of the family, and reserve Boxing Day for us.” And so it has been for decades of child-raising and unfortunate aging (ahem) for all of us.

Boxing Day can be a whole lot more than that LinkedIn post suggested and still include shopping. A recent comment on a blog contest for a Sony 4K OLED TV really helps give some perspective. Alex N wrote that his favourite Sony Holiday memory was when his father bought several Sony TVs for members of his family. He said because of that memory, any TV he buys must be a Sony to remind him of his father who he misses a lot. Perhaps this Boxing Day you can create a similarly wonderful memory for your family.

Boxing Day sale as opportunities to create a memory

I am not suggesting everyone should be lining up outside our stores to grab a great door-crasher sale. “Divide and conquer kids: you go left, I’ll go right, mom heads up the centre aisle—message the family when you find that door crasher big-screen TV and don’t let anyone stand in your way!” You don’t even have to go to a store to find great deals since most sale items will be online at Have a family meeting before the sale to discuss what item might be perfect for the family this year.

Take a look at the Best Buy flyer together. It could be something small like a Google Chromecast (you’ll save $10 during the sale) and each of you can “own the TV for a day” during the holidays, choosing everything that will stream on the TV! That could be dangerous!

It could be one of the most popular gifts of the year. Everyone has an opinion about what is the most popular thing in any given year. Here are some of mine: smart home cameras—I love Ring products; a new smartphones—I personally just switched to an Android phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and love it; smart TV like the newest 8k TVs that went on sale this year. A writer for the New York Times recently declared his pick for the Gadget of the Year: The toaster oven! I think that would be a really fun one to get on Boxing Day: each person has to propose a different item that will be prepared. That would make Boxing Day 2019 the one where everything we cooked for the next week was in a Toaster oven!

When does Boxing Day shopping start at Best Buy?

The sale begins online on December 24th at 6 PM Eastern time. The online store will be extremely busy, and a queue system will be set up to keep your place in line and get to the checkout quickly.

You can also shop in stores and say hello to our helpful Blue Shirts as soon as the stores open on Boxing Day. Take a look at the stores in your area to see what time your local outlet will open and close.

For more details and FAQs about Boxing Day Shopping at Best Buy, visit the Holiday Shopping FAQ page.

Whether you go in-store or shop online, Best Buy has the most incredible Boxing Day deals of the year and we love being a part of this great Canadian tradition.

If you have any questions about the Boxing Day sale, please leave a message in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help any way we can.


  1. Hahaha, I agree with the toaster oven. I’ve never had one but I’ve used them at the office. When the kids are older maybe, but till then they can become microwave aficionados like their dad! Those camera doorbells look great though!

  2. Every boxing day at best buy for the last several years I log into the website on Christmas Eve and shop for big items last year was a 65 inch 4k tv, the year before was a PS4 pro, I only go for big purchases this year will be best Google wifi I have had my eye on it and I hate my dead zones in my house

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