boxing day sale feature image 2022Canadians love Boxing Day. It’s part of our heritage, it’s a national holiday, and it’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Wikipedia says that Boxing Day is only a big deal in a select few countries that were once associated with the British Empire. And Canada is one of them! It’s the day after Christmas; a day for families to gather together for Boxing day shopping because Best Buy will have incredible deals on TVs, appliances, smart home tech, and more. You can preview some of the deals that will become available on the Best Buy Boxing Day sale page.

Boxing Day Shopping at Best Buy

In the past, the only sad part of Boxing day deals was that you had to wait until after Christmas to enjoy them. Not this year! Many Boxing Day deals became available online throughout December 2022. Best Buy has had a huge selection of items at low, Boxing Day level prices so you can save. In fact, we kept adding products to the ever growing list of items tagged as “Boxing Day Price Now” throughout the month of December.

Actually, if you are having trouble finding that perfect gift for someone on your list, you’ll want to return to often during the month of December. Best Buy has new deals listed every day: one of those daily deals may be just the inspiration you need to complete your gift list. With the daily deals, and the Boxing Day Price Now offers, Best Buy is making holiday shopping a lot more fun and easy on your budget.

When does the Boxing Day sales event start at Best Buy?

The in-store sale begins on December 26th across Canada, except for Atlantic provinces (NB, NL, NS, and PEI). For Atlantic provinces, our in-store Boxing Day Sale will start on December 27th.

The online store will be extremely busy, and a queue system will be set up to keep your place in line and get to the checkout quickly. And as I said above, you can find Boxing Day prices on many products all month long. Shop with confidence that the best deals are found at Best Buy.

Here are some suggestions for how to be prepared for amazing deals:

  1. Visit the Best Buy website:

    Take a gander and visit the Best Buy website in preparation for this year’s big sales! Getting familiar with the Best Buy website can help you navigate the various product pages. Browse for some items that have caught your eye so you can easily find them when the sale begins. Sometimes, even bookmarking your preferred items can help ensure you purchase your items quickly. There will be thousands and thousands of visitors on the site, so how fast you browse and check-out can be crucial for making a purchase!

    Remember that throughout December, leading up to the event, you can find many items with a Boxing Day Price now badge like that shown to the right. Do you have questions about a product? Speak to a Blue Shirt in-store to make the best shopping decision.

  2. Create an account on our website:

    When every second counts, you want to take advantage of any preparation that will give you an edge—be ready, and register for a Best Buy account now!

  3. Sign up now for the Best Buy e-newsletter: 

    Staying on top of this year’s Boxing Day sale just got easier; sign up now to receive the latest and greatest sales straight in your inbox.

  4. Check Facebook and Twitter:

    During these major sales, social media, like Facebook or Twitter, is often one the first places where many deals will appear—and this is the exact case for the Best Buy Facebook page and Twitter feed! Make sure to tell your friends and family that you’ll be sharing great deals on your newsfeed so that they can also enjoy these exclusive sales.

  5. Decide how you will pay:

    You can use Best Buy Financing: Submit your application and find out if you’re approved for financing in just a few minutes. You can also consider signing onto PayPal prior to the sales event for simple, secure, and fast online transactions. With PayPal, you can pay for your purchases directly from your bank account, or from a credit card account, without having to enter your credit card details at Best Buy—you’ll be so shocked at how easy the transaction is you may never go back to paying by credit card online.

  6. Get your questions answered before you begin:

Looking for deals? Check out these offers you don’t want to miss. Head over to the Boxing Day deals now page for some of the best deals of the year.

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