Every year the MURAL festival brings together artists from all over the world to celebrate urban art in Montreal. Local and international artists liven up the Saint-Laurent Boulevard with mural art, musical performances, exhibitions, and digital installations … and that’s where Best Buy steps in! Many people find the tech they need for creating digital artwork at Best Buy. This year, the MURAL festival took place from June 8th to 18th, and we invited you to create and project your own digital art piece at the festival. We also met with Kezna, a talented Montreal-based artist, to learn more about how technology has influenced her creative process.

When art and tech meet

Best Buy was at the MURAL Festival in Montreal with fun activities for everybody. Learn about the event and how tech can help you create art.

MURAL is all about bringing art to the streets, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to create your own artwork and display it at the festival. When entering the “Best Buy loves Art” zone, participants were invited to use a tablet to draw their masterpiece with tech. Then, with a single swipe across the screen, they could project their creation onto a giant screen, a city wall or simply on the floor to share their art with everyone. All to the rhythm of live music on the nearby stage. If you were not able to attend the event, don’t worry. You can relive the highlights and get a glimpse of the festival in this video!

Meet Kezna, our favourite connected artist

While at the MURAL festival, we also took the opportunity to catch up with Kezna—a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal who has been painting and illustrating from a young age—and asked her about how she uses tech to create art. From experimenting with colours to reinventing famous paintings, find out how she integrates new technologies into her creative process and her art in the video below.

Let your inner artist blossom with tech

We had a lot of fun at MURAL, and we hope you did too. If you were inspired by all the artworks displayed, don’t wait until the next MURAL festival to embrace and nurture your artistic side. Tech can help you create your own illustrations, projections, or even music mix at home. With the right tech, the possibilities are endless!

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