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A technology nut at heart, I'm always interested in what makes our lives easier and helps us tick day to day. Whether Home Automation, toys, games (board and video) or everything in between, I'm always looking around the corner to see what drives us in today's day and age.

HUGE Diablo III Patch brings big changes ahead of Reaper of Souls

Famed WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper once said “Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions.”  Blizzard must be fans of the Hot Rod because right when Diablo III gamers were comfortable in their game, they change much of the core mechanics in the game leading up to the release of the Reaper of Souls Expansion on March 25th, and all are arguably for the better.  Click below to read about some of the many changes from Patch 2.0.1

Review: South Park: The Stick of Truth

It’s been a very long time since there was a South Park console game.  In fact, the newest system when the last console was game was out was Sega Dreamcast, a previous object of Cartman’s affection.  Some 15 years after South Park Rally, it’s time for the cast and crew to come back a few gaming generations and 200 episodes later.  The Stick of Truth is the first game back, courtesy of Ubisoft, and is a Role Playing Game of all things.  Featuring more fart gags and more inside jokes than perhaps any other video game I’ve ever played in my life, please come check out the review for this rather unique title.

Review: Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset

I’m an easy to please gamer tired of all the clutter in my living room and home office.  I’m tired of having to buy a headset for my PC, XBox, Nintendo and Playstation systems because they’re only made and optimized for that specific console.  How hard would it be to have something that was all-encompassing, doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t skimp on sound quality?  Not hard at all according to Plantronics, who believe their RIG Headset is all this and more.  Click below for my review of this dynamic headset.

Review: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy [Nintendo 3DS)

There are very few game series’ I’ve enjoyed more in my lifetime of gaming than the Professor Layton one.  It always excites me to no end to get to unwrap and solve another couple hundred puzzles, and I always keep going back for more.  I don`t have to explain how excited I was to hear that the final installment of the prequel to the first trilogy is finally available and also how much I`ve been anticipating having it in my hands.  I did get it, and click below for my thoughts.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Blasts onto Microsoft Consoles

One of the most popular Popcap series since its debut back in 2009, Plants vs. Zombies takes a little bit of a left turn under EA’s guidance and debuts on XBox One with a third person shooter.  Garden Warfare takes a different, yet just as silly look at the Plants vs. Zombies universe.  Featuring up to 24 player multiplayer, and nearly a dozen game modes for a lot less than a normal retail title.  Come take a look at the chaos being caused this time out!

Review: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo WiiU) [VIDEO]

One of Nintendo’s oldest bad guy turned good stories is back for its first spin on the Nintendo WiiU!  Donkey Kong, the one time maniacal girlfriend stealing gorilla retired to his Island Paradise in 1994, and with his new found heroism has launches one of Nintendo’s best-selling gaming franchises.  20 years after the first one came out, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has landed, bringing with it some old faces, new tricks and a world where pirate penguins and owls pick on our jungle friends.  Come check out my review of the latest edition of the franchise and see if it’s a worthy pickup for your Nintendo WiiU collection.

Review: Bravely Default [Nintendo 3DS]

What has been one of the most anticipated RPG launches since its debut in Japan in 2012, Bravely Default is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, and a kickback to longtime RPG gamers, bringing back elements we’ve not seen for a long time (like job designations.)  With numerous gameplay options and difficulties, and one of the best blended Streetpass systems for the 3DS yet, is this one for the ages?  Read on to find out.

The Lego Movie: More than just a Cinematic Experience

On February 7th, the Lego Movie debuts in theatres featuring an all-star comedic cast of voices.  In addition to the movie, a full line of Lego Toys has launched with exclusive minifigs and scenes from the movie!  In addition, a video game based on the movie will be out a couple days before the film launches.  Click below to take a look at the Lego Movie toy line and video game, both of which you’ll be able to get your hands on through Best Buy.

Review: The Weiser Kevo Deadbolt System

Since we originally visited the Weiser Kevo last fall, it has made its way to store shelves and online at BestBuy.ca, and it’s time to take a little more of an in-depth look at this imaginative device, allowing you to enter your house with just the touch of a finger and the magic of Bluetooth technology.  Is it easy to install?  Easy to program?  How is a home handyman novice like me going to fare with replacing a major lock in the house?  Click on to find out.

Review: Titanfall Controller [XBox One]

Titanfall is hoping to take multiplayer gaming to the next level, and become a huge win for Microsoft’s gaming systems, especially the XBox One.  On March 11th, you’ll get to see if the wait was worth it firsthand, and you’ll get the chance to do it in style too with the special limited edition XBox One controller.  Click on to take an up close and personal look at the controller, which is coming soon to Best Buy.

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