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Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Watch her on Tech Talk, monthly on CTV Morning Live Calgary.

4K brings your television to life

4K TV is all the rage today. You’ve heard about it, maybe even looked one over in a local electronics store, but you may be asking yourself why you’d want one. 4K TVs already have plenty of pros, and they’re only getting better.

Great Golfing Gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day

While we can debate the complexities, intricacies, and philosophies of the game of golf, one thing there’s no need to fight about is that every golfer appreciates new gear, and the latest tools. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, this is a great time to check out some golf gift ideas, from GPS technology, to wearables, to great low tech gear.

Spring home remodel projects part 2: the home theatre

Spring’s a time when we think about starting fresh. The weather starts to turn, things start to grow, and we start taking stock of our lives and our homes. Spring is also a time when many of us take a look around our houses and want to make changes. Our spring home remodel series is a great place to get some ideas for your next project, and this week, I’m going to look at how to jazz up (or create from scratch) a fabulous home theatre.

Camping goes low tech

Many of us work 24/7, thanks to the endless connectivity of our smartphones. Do you want to truly relax one weekend this spring or summer? Try leaving your tech at home! Yes, some research suggests you can maximize your relaxing by unplugging from those endless little tasks like responding to texts and emails as they come in. Wondering how you’ll find your campsite, and what you’ll do when you get there? I have a whole gadget-free list of ways to spend your unplugged weekend! 

How to choose appliances for your home

Choosing kitchen appliances can be intimidating.  After all, you want an appliance that has multiple useful functions, one that fits with your existing kitchen or possibly into a reno, and to top it all off it’s a major expenditure so you want something that’s going to be a good value for your money. We’ve got some tips for picking those big ticket items.

Moving Tips for a Smart Home and a Smart Move

Moving sucks. We can’t say it more boldly than that.  But while you’re packing up all of your worldly goods into tiny cardboard crates, it’s a great time to think about jazzing up your new space and making it work harder for you with some new technology. You can also make the process of selling your existing home easier, by taking a look at what smart home gadgets can do to help you.

Using GPS technology to enhance your golf game

In some parts of the country, it’s almost golf season! (Sorry Eastern Canada!) If you can’t get out on the links yet, you can at least start thinking about the season ahead. New shoes, maybe some new plaid pants, and a few fresh sleeves of balls are enough to get you in the golf mood, but maybe this season it’s time to up your game with some new technology. Find out why GPS can improve your game, and even make it more enjoyable.

Use a fitness tracker to take on and challenge your friends

If you’re looking for motivation for your fitness and health goals, a fitness and activity tracker can help keep you honest, accountable and keep accurate track of how well you’re doing.  A great added benefit of some trackers is the ability to challenge your friends. Here’s how fitness trackers and challenges work to motivate you to get up and move.

Sennheiser TV Headphones Review: RS 125 & RS 135

                There’s an insane amount of headphones for various listening pursuits.  How can you pick the right one when it comes to watching TV?  For starters, pick a brand name with a good reputation, like Sennheiser.  We’ve got two models of over-ear headphones to review.

Upgrade your fridge: From Mad Men-era features to today’s high tech options

A refrigerator is one of the biggest big ticket items you’ll buy, and for many of us we may only buy a new one once or twice in our lifetimes.  So what features are worth looking at in today’s modern fridges?  There’s no better way to highlight what’s new, than looking at what’s now old news when it comes to fridge technology.

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