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Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Watch her on Tech Talk, monthly on CTV Morning Live Calgary.

You told us! Top TVs this holiday season, as rated by Best Buy customers

Reviews are a great way to get an accurate picture of how well the electronics device you’re interested in buying will perform and whether you’ll be happy with it too. Feedback and opinion from other TV owners with experience with the exact TV you’re considering can give you a great idea about whether you’re about to make a great investment or a poor one.   We’ve done some research for you and picked out some of the best rated TVs by Best Buy customers, along with why they like their choice. See what’s on the top of the list in each TV category.

Choose the perfect audio solution for your home

Selecting audio for your home theatre can be intimidating. There are many different setups, and components galore; so how do you know what to choose? I’ve broken the process down into three different configurations from easy to elite to help you find just the right audio solution for your home.

Bose Soundtouch series: Reviewing the Soundtouch 10, 20 and 30

Portable wireless speakers are taking over home entertainment. It’s just too easy to move them around and play your favourite music, podcasts, or web streaming services anywhere.  One of the big complaints about this kind of speaker has been audio quality, but thanks to audio giant Bose, there’s now an entire line of high end portable Wi-Fi speakers available to choose from.  What’s the difference in the different speakers in their line, and how well do they work? Read the review.

Best Wireless Headphones as rated by Best Buy customers

Wires are a pain when it comes to most technology, but with headphones, they’re even more annoying. They get tangled in everything from your arms, to the arm of a seat on the bus or plane, and they’re always getting in the way of your smartphone screen. If you’re still using the uncomfortable hard plastic wired headphones that came with your phone, or you need an upgrade, check out the top picks (both in-ear and over-ear) from Best Buy customers, who’ve tested these wireless headphones and love them.

MyFox home security camera review

Home security systems have long been complex, complicated wired systems that required an engineering degree and an electrician to install. Fortunately, technology has improved to the point where they’re now inexpensive and very easy to use, and we may have found one of the easiest and most versatile cameras available with a super clear HD video picture.

Review: Samsung J5500 HD Smart TV

With fall in full swing, and winter imminent, it’s a great time of year to consider a new TV.  Since Canadians like to hibernate in winter, picking out a gorgeous new flat screen set with smart streaming functions will go a long way to keeping you entertained theough the coming season.

Top 3 accessories to take your home theatre from sad to stately

It’s fun shopping for accessories for your home theatre.  The ideas and cool gadgets are seemingly endless.  But there are three must-have items your home theatre can’t be without.  Find out what they are, and see if you agree or disagree.

New TV accessories that will make great gifts this season

While a TV is a super gift for the whole family, if you’re not in the market for one, there are still some great ways to upgrade your home theatre. Small and inexpensive accessories, like a universal remote, or a streaming device can add great features to any home theatre with ease.

New SONOS PLAY:5 smart speaker anounced

SONOS has been making quality speakers since 2002, and they’re well known for their ability to work together seamlessly and wirelessly. Now, there’s a new speaker in the SONOS PLAY group, and it’s a major facelift for a member of the family you may already be familiar with.

Google Chromecast TV and Chromecast Audio announcement

Google made a big splash today, announcing a whole suite of new devices.  Home theatre or even just TV-watching junkies are going to love the upgraded Chromecast TV streaming device, which has gotten a major makeover. New to the Chromecast team is a seperate Audio streaming device.  Why split the stick? Read on.

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