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Asma is a Registered Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer at AK Fitness Inc. She teaches bootcamps, personal training and active rehabilitation. She trains at a studio in Burnaby—Capitol Hill Athletics—as well as a studio in Downtown Vancouver. She is also passionate about nutrition as is a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor. Visit my webpage at akfitness.ca

Why Should You Use Protein Powder

People have asked me why I use protein powder. My answer is simple: It helps me stay lean and is conducive to my on-the-go lifestyle. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase muscle definition, get leaner, get more muscle, or improve your health status, more and more people are adding protein smoothies to their diet!  

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Become More Active

When making your New Year’s Resolutions (let’s face it people: whether you say the word ‘resolution’ or not, it still is), there are things to keep in mind when making them. Here is a list of tips to help you keep that New Year’s Resolution to become more active.

Workout Tips to Tone Your Arms

Arms are like the cover of a book: if the cover of the book is attractive, the book instantly becomes more appealing. The author/artist of the book feels confident and proud of his masterpiece and rightfully so. Though I strongly believe in being fit and healthy from the inside first, why not sculpt your arms in the process to give yourself something extra to feel good about! So here we go, let’s get into exactly how to tone your arms!

Workout Tips to Improve Your Cardio

Cardio, the act of running around? Nope! Our cardiovascular system (heart) is responsible for pumping blood (and oxygen) throughout our entire body. So? If we can improve our cardiovascular fitness we will be fitter, have more energy as well have a constant fresh supply of blood and oxygen, and we’ll burn fat at a faster pace! What’s not to love!  Follow these 5 tips on how to improve your cardio fitness.

Workout Tips to Build Your Core


Six packs, love handles, and muffin tops are all terms used to refer to the mid-section or “core.” If you’ve had a hard time transforming your “muffin top” and “love handles” to a firm mid-section find your problem in the list below and follow the solution! Through my 10 years of training people to reach their fitness goals, these are tried and tested, be aware for positive results.

Barre Fitness


Cross-fit, Hot Yoga, Indoor Cycle, Barre Fitness: you may hear these “buzz words” on a regular basis as some of the latest fitness trends emerge. Which one is for you? What are the benefits? Here I am going to educate you on the choice of exercise of A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Madonna: Barre Fitness. What is it, why has it become so popular over the passed 5 years, who is it beneficial for, and how is it done.

Workout Tips to Lose Weight


Losing weight requires effort, diligence, and persistence. Often people expect to see results but they’re not following the right steps. My career as a fitness professional is greatly rewarding when I see clients busting through plateaus, hearing how energetic and alive they feel while losing the weight they don’t need. Follow these 5 tips closely and you too will be on the road to losing weight.      

Workout Tips to Build Muscle


Building muscle is a term that can be easily misconstrued because automatically the vision of a hulk-size man with bulging muscles and popping veins comes up. In reality, building muscle means increasing the amount of lean tissue–which is associated with longevity and being fit. Though snaking on vegetables and eating a lower carb diet is the majority of what we read and hear, it’s not necessarily the best when it comes to building muscle. Read these workout tips to help you build muscle and preserve your fat-burning capacity!

Introducing Garmin’s New Fitness Tracker the Vivosmart

Introducing Garmin new fitness tracker the Vivosmart. The Vivosmart is a build up from Garmin’s previous activity tracker the Vivofit. I have tested my fair share of fitness bands, and the Vivosmart has all the features that other fitness bands have but with a touch screen, it has various additional features that differentiate it from others that i’ll discuss in this preview.         

FitBit Apps to Keep You Motivated and Moving

  FitBit has an array of Activity tracking devices such as the FitBit Flex, FitBit One, and FitBit Zip. I have been using the FitBit flex and find it comfortable to wear and easy to use. In addition, it definitely does the job of tracking your activity level leading you to not only step it up when you notice you are far away from your goal, but it also allows you to feel accomplished when you hit your daily targets! Read on for a categoried list of different apps that will sync with your FitBit account.       

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