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You know those days when you’re too tired to clean, but there are crumbs all over the floor and your kids keep dropping cereal flakes in the kitchen? Robot vacuums like the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum are perfect for those days. With scheduled cleanings, an extra large, bagless dustbin, and three suction settings, the Yeedi K650 gives you and your family control over when and how your floors get cleaned.

What’s in the box of the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum?

In the box of the Yeedi K650 Automatic Robot Vacuum, you’ll first find a product instruction manual and the vacuum itself. The K650 is compact with a low profile that fits under most furniture pieces, and it has a bagless dustbin that can be removed for easy emptying. The dustbin comes with a high-performance filter (included) and a multi-function cleaning tool that snaps into place on the top side of the dustbin for easy storage.

On the bottom of this robot vacuum, there’s a tangle-free silicone brush roll that pops out for cleaning. Also included in the box of this vacuum are two side brushes, which you snap into place before using the vacuum, and a charging dock with a power adapter. (I really liked how thin and flexible the adapter’s cord was—it makes it easy to set up without a big mess of wires!)

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What does this Yeedi Robot Vacuum do?

The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum is designed for daily cleaning, especially in households with pets. It’s well-equipped for the job, with a filter that you can remove to clean or replace, and parts that are intended to be replaced when they start to break down. (This includes the filters, brush roll, and side brushes.)

What I really liked about the Yeedi right off the bat is that it offers three levels of adjustable suction, plus a quiet function (that, to be fair, was intended more for the brand’s vacuuming-and-mopping products)—and that it has a beautiful tempered glass top cover. The sleek, glossy top really stands out against other robot vacuums I’ve tried, and looks high-end in the corner of my largely white living room.

The underside of the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum

On normal mode, the K650 runs at 56dB and has 600Pa of suction power. On Max+ mode, its highest, it more than doubles that suction at 2,000Pa. Its extra large dustbin holds 800mL of dust, dirt, and crumbs, so even though the k650 doesn’t come with a self-emptying base, you shouldn’t have to empty it every day.

This vacuum model runs for up to 130 minutes per charge, and is intended to return to its base automatically at the end of its battery life or cleaning cycle. Its app functionality is fairly basic. You can set the vacuum’s power level, schedule, and cleaning mode (auto, edges, or spot cleaning) through manual or voice commands, and you can view its past cleaning log to look at cleaning duration and total area covered.

Yeedi K650 robot vacuum on floor in corner

Do you need a vacuum that remembers the layout of your house?

This is a great question—and one that every family is going to have a different answer to.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the Yeedi K650 is that it doesn’t intelligently map your home. Its cleaning pattern is haphazard and random, and unlike with some more advanced robot vacuums, you can’t send the K650 to clean a specific room, vacuum a certain spot, or avoid an area altogether. You’ll need to lay down magnetic trips or physical barriers in order to prevent the K650 from vacuuming certain areas or stay at the top of the stairs.

The best way I can describe what it feels like to use a vacuum like this one is that it’s kind of like using a robot vacuum that exists both in the 2010s and 2020s at once. From the ’20s, you get an easy-to-use app with optional voice control and quiet vacuuming capabilities. From the ’10s, you get long, meandering cleaning sessions and (depending on how you look at your vacuum) potentially the benefit of a little more privacy in the home.

Personally, I prefer an automatic vacuum that I can send out to specific areas of my home that need more frequent cleaning, like the area around my cat’s litter box. But this difference in design means that Yeedi is able to offer the K650 with a simpler app design, and at a much more accessible price point. It’s neither a pro nor a con; just very simply something to consider when you think about your needs!

Yeedi K650 vacuum running on the floor by a plant

My experience with the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum

The first thing that I noticed about the Yeedi K650 Automatic Robot Vacuum is that it’s styled like a Chinese robot vacuum—which I love. To me, that means it’s quiet and offers clear, feminine audio feedback when you send it out to complete tasks or press the “find my vacuum” button in the app.

It also means that you’re getting a vacuum that’s designed to handle long, straight hair like mine, which is always handy! I love that Yeedi included a cleaning tool to break through tangled hair so you can maintain your vacuum in like-new condition for as long as possible. (And the fact that the cleaning tool snaps into place on the top side of the bagless dustbin… Genius!)

The Yeedi K650 vacuum’s bright white finish and luxurious tempered glass top look modern and stylish in my living room, and I didn’t feel the need to hide its charging station in an infrequently-used room. When I turn this vacuum on, I know it’ll tackle even hard-to-reach spaces like the area underneath my bed, and I find that that means it helps a lot with my allergies—but it takes its time getting around my home.

Yeedi K650 vacuum review docked by the wall

Does the Yeedi K650 get lost?

This Yeedi vacuum rolls through my home haphazardly, like a lost puppy. It’s a good boy, and it does a great job cleaning, but it zig-zags and meanders instead of working in straight lines.

Some of this is intentional, as the brand mentions in their product manual. By working in zig-zags, this vacuum does a better job of cleaning area rugs without getting stuck on their edges or pushing them around. However, I think that some of this meandering is also an accidental product of its design. The K650 takes a long time to get back to its home base when it’s looking for it, and my cleaning times for my 700 square foot apartment can range anywhere from 45 minutes to over two hours.

Sometimes, the K650 gets lucky and finds his charging base in about 10 minutes; others, it’ll rove around for an hour, at which point I feel a little bad for it and pick it up to carry it back myself.

But despite the K650’s occasional need for help, it makes cleaning my floors much easier than using a manual vacuum. Yes, it sometimes takes a long time. And yes, it does get stuck on my memory foam kitchen mat more often than not. (I think it’s the height of the mat, which must seem like a ledge to this vacuum once it’s on it.) But the Yeedi K650 is quiet and adorable, and I don’t mind that it can take a long time to clean because I know it’s doing a great job—even in areas I find difficult to reach.

How does the Yeedi K650 handle pet hair?

For a vacuum that’s this quiet, the Yeedi K650 does an incredible job of handling pet hair. I followed it around during its first cleaning session of my home, and while it took some time to get to them all, it eventually sucked up every single clump of cat hair on my floors.

My cat has been shedding a lot recently, so I’ve been setting the K650 to vacuum twice a day. The results have been fantastic. It’s quiet enough that she isn’t afraid of it (merely slightly wary), and it runs unobtrusively in the background of my life like a quiet kitchen dishwasher. My floors stay clean and spotless, without little crumbs of cat food or litter accumulating around their edges. This vacuum’s extra large canister means that I can run it for about a week before needing to empty it, which is a big help when it comes to thinking about cleaning my home.

Whether you’re using the Yeedi K650’s standard, Max, or Max+ suction levels, or if you’re using it on automatic, edge, or spot clean mode, it’s a great addition to a home with pets.

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