Roidmi S1 Special vacuum

Cordless stick vacuums are all the rage nowadays thanks to their lightweight frames, easy maneuverability, and convenience: there are no lengthy cords to tug along or heavy canisters, and you don’t need to find a closet just to house it when not in use. While there are plenty of familiar vacuum brands, I was excited to see what the Roidmi S1 Special Cordless Stick Vacuum had to offer. Can it live up to the high expectations for a powerful and effective stick vacuum?

What is the Roidmi S1 Special cordless stick vacuum?

Before delving into my personal experience with the vacuum, let’s go over what it is and how it works. Part of the Xiaomi ecosystem of products, the ultra-light (3.3 lbs.) vacuum features a brushless digital motor that spins at 100,000 rpm to deliver 120 Air Watts of suction with a three-layer filtration system for picking up dirt and debris from your floors and carpets. Use different attachments depending on what you want to clean; you can even detach the top to create a hand vacuum for the car, mattress, drapes, and so on.

A soft, woven, nylon roller brush is said to be able to clean floors without getting hair wrapped around it, while the multi-angle motorized head swivels 270-degrees to be able to get into small corners and maneuver around and under furniture, like couches and beds, as narrow as 2.6″ high. On the handle are the on/off and speed buttons.

It runs for up to 50 minutes per charge in standard or up to 10 minutes in enhanced mode using the eight lithium batteries that fully recharge in 2.5 hours. With the magnetic charging mount, you can keep the vacuum neatly mounted on a wall, recharging it using the charging cord. It’s quiet as well, operating at just 72dB. The bin can hold up to 13.5 ounces of debris.

Roidmi S1 Special cordless stick vacuum parts

Testing out the Roidmi S1 Special cordless stick vacuum

The first thing you notice when taking this vacuum out of the box is the sleek, geometric design. The company says it is designed to be ergonomic and help reduce fatigue when cleaning. It has a large 270-degree handle that, again, is ergonomically designed with on/off and speed buttons so you can easily use it at different angles.

The white and red colours are also eye-catching, and very Canadian, it’s worth adding! It definitely stands out.

It comes in several parts which can at first look daunting. But my eight-year-old and I were able to put it together in about 10 minutes while taking our time. The instruction guide only includes pictorial instructions, though, so it can be a bit of a guessing game.

The magnetic mount setup is pretty neat: screw the circular mount to the wall where you want the vacuum to remain housed when not in use and it magnetically attaches to it such that you don’t even see the mount. Since this was a review model, I did not install the mount, but attaching the vacuum to, and removing it from, the mount is a cinch.

Roidmi S1 move around

I really loved that the vacuum is very easy to maneuver around bends and corners and in tight-to-reach places. The boost mode is great if standard mode isn’t providing enough power to pick up your mess. If you vacuum often and you are fine with the regular mode, 50 minutes is more than enough time to get through an entire small home. One minor thing: I wish the two buttons were reversed in position and the power button was at the top, easily reachable by thumb, and the boost mode button on the button, presuming it would be used less often. It’s position at the top, however, does make it easy to swap between modes with a shift of your finger. I just found myself constantly gravitating to that button for power then realizing the bottom one turns it on.

Roidmi S1 buttons

The vacuum generates some blowing air from the back when it’s running in boost mode, which can be a drag during the warm summer months.

A symbol on the front where it shows battery life and charging status illuminates when it’s time to empty the bin. But you should be able to visually get an idea when it’s time to empty since the bin itself is transparent, which is a nice touch.

Roidmi S1 charge status

What most people might want to know is, does this vacuum stand up to competitors that are much more expensive? I tested the Roidmi against my existing cordless vacuum, a 5-6-year-old model from a fairly expensive brand, using three spills: rice, graham cracker crumbs, and hair. They both picked up the debris instantly, and I didn’t have to use boost mode with the Roidmi. I did find, however, that my higher-end vacuum was better at grabbing remnant crumbs that fell between the carpet runner and kitchen tiles. But overall, the Roidmi measured up to my trusty stick vacuum.

Roidmi S1 carpet

Bottom line

I was pretty impressed with the Roidmi S1 Special stick vacuum cleaner, which not only does an efficient job of cleaning your floors and other surfaces, but it also looks really sleek. For someone who loves updated, modern design, this vacuum will fit right in.

I also love the ease at which it maneuvers around corners, gliding across the floor and into every nook and cranny as I guide it. The convenience and versatility of being able to detach the stick, click on another attachment, and use it to vacuum drapes, a car, mattress, or other surface, is appreciated, too. And I love the magnetic docking set-up.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the most affordable stick vacuum on the market. But if you’re looking for an alternative to other high-end brands, the Roidmi S1 Special Cordless Stick Vacuum lives up to the competition in its price range.

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