JS T1 SwiftCordless stick vacuums are growing in popularity, and with their ease of use and compact size, it’s easy to see why. There’s no fuss with a cord, they’re lightweight, and they keep your floors clean and home dust free. Today I’m looking at the JS T1 Swift cordless stick vacuum.

Inside the box of the JS T1 Swift

After unboxing the JS T1 Swift cordless stick vacuum, you will find the main body of the vacuum with attached battery and dust canister, the metal extension tube, the power brush, a crevice brush, a 2-in-1 crevice brush, the charging adapter, and the wall bracket. You will also find the instruction and safety manual.

Features and specifications of the JS T1 Swift

  • Cordless stick vacuum
  • 2 crevice tools with 3 functions
  • 3 power modes (low, medium, turbo)
  • Battery can last up to 48 minutes
  • 350 watts
  • Cyclonic system with dual material rotating brushes
  • Stainless steel HEPA filtration
  • Built-in LED light on roller
  • 1 year warranty
  • Full charge in 4-5 hours
  • Lightweight (under 5 lbs.)

Testing out the JS T1 Swift cordless stick vacuum

JS T1 inside the boxWhen I first received the JS T1 Swift, I thought there must be an error as the box is so small. But sure enough, the vacuum and all accessories were neatly packed inside. It also only weighed 7 lbs. including the vacuum parts and extra shipping packaging.

The vacuum is easy to assemble with a simple push and click of the locking buttons. Each end of the metal tube has a locking connection with one end connecting to the vacuum body and the other end connecting to the vacuum accessory you are going to use. I also tried removing both the rechargeable battery and dust cup to see how user friendly they are, and they both came off and went back on with ease. There’s also the option of using it as a handheld vacuum by simply attaching your accessory of choice directly into the locking button located on the vacuum body. This option is perfect for vacuuming stairs, furniture, and your car.

JS T1 and bracketIt comes with a wall bracket where you can store and recharge your vacuum taking up minimal space, and it has spots to store the two crevice attachments as well. The wall plugs and screws needed to securely install it are included and be sure to install it near a plug for the adapter. I suggest taking some measurements so the vacuum can be attached securely and safely exactly where you want it.

I was impressed that the JS T1 Swift came charged and ready to use, so after unpacking all the parts and getting familiar with them, I went ahead and tested out the main vacuum power brush and the three settings. Power on the vacuum by pressing the switch located under the handle and adjust the suction by pressing the speed control button located on the end of the battery under the JS logo. It will start in the low setting with one a green dot lit up on the left of the display screen. When you go to medium, the green dot will move to the centre, and when you switch to turbo, the green dot will move to the right of the display screen. Right above the dots is the battery indicator lights. A full battery will be four green bars lit up, three bars lit up is 75%, two bars is 50% and one bar is 25% battery life remaining. As it is charging, the battery lights will illuminate as it goes from 25 back up to 100%. You’ll know the battery needs charging when the last bar indicating 25% is flashing.

JS T1 vacuum bodyIn my home, have a mix of tiles, hardwood, and area rugs, and I was curious to see how the vacuum would manoeuvre among them. I had no issues transitioning among my flooring thanks to the lightweight design of the vacuum. The ergonomic flexible joint in the power brush, meanwhile, allows you to manoeuvre around furniture and into corners with no problems. But I found if I tried to vacuum back and forth too quickly, the power brush would want to turn from side to side instead of moving smoothly forward. That’s not a negative though as you get a better overall clean if you vacuum slower and steadier.

JS T1 chargingWe are a home with pets and a vacuum so a HEPA filter built-in is important to me and the JS T1 has that. I was impressed with all the hair visible in the dust cup after vacuuming my area rugs as often pet hair is hard to see on some flooring.

I also tried out the two crevice brushes included with the vacuum. The long-angled brush is perfect for getting into the crevices of furniture and along the walls and baseboards and the 2-in-1 is perfect for dusting furniture and car vents.

Charging the JS T1 Swift is as simple as inserting it into the wall bracket and emptying the dust cup is quick and easy to do. Simply remove it from the main vacuum body, press the grey release button over the garbage can and giving it a good shake. To maintain the filter, remove it from the dust cup and wash the case, sponge and filter and allow it to air dry before re-installing it back into the dust cup.

Final thoughts

JS T1 vacuumOverall, I found the JS T1 Swift cordless stick vacuum very user-friendly and lightweight. It did a great job of cleaning my variety of floor types.

Its battery life is impressive, lasting up to 48 minutes on the low setting and 15 minutes in turbo. The 48 minutes can cover up to 2,500 square feet which means for many people, they can get a whole house clean from one battery charge if needed. The three different suction strengths paired with the cyclonic system and dual material rotating brushes sucks up pet hair and dust with ease. I love the LED light feature on the front of the main power brush.

I always like to consider any safety aspects when I write a review and for the JS T1, you’ll need to install and store the vacuum in a dry place away from any heat or water sources.

You can find the JS T1 Swift cordless stick vacuum at Best Buy online.

Lindsey Reed
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