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Choosing the right vacuum for your home and lifestyle can take a little research, and because it’s a big purchase and it’s an appliance that’s with you for the long term, you need to make sure you’re getting all the functions and features you’d like to have. The last time I purchased a vacuum I found all of the choices out there a little overwhelming, but after I followed a few easy steps to choosing, I discovered choosing the right vacuum for me wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Here’s a few steps you can follow to choose your own vacuum.

Step 1: Narrow down your vacuum choices

upright vacuumWhen it comes to vacuums, there are a lot of options and possibilities to choose from. Vacuum options vary from upright, canister, stick, handheld and robot.

The upright vacuum is easy to use and maneuver, most come with an easy to empty canister, and there are plenty of accessories for all flooring types. I also like that it’s just one unit which makes it easy to store without taking up too much space. The stick vacuum is similar to an upright, is lightweight and is available in a cordless option. It’s great for small spaces and is easy to store with many of them coming with a wall mount included.

canister vacuumA handheld vacuum is the perfect vacuum for cleaning up small messes and vacuuming your car. They most often have a variety of accessories to get into all those hard to reach places like under your seats.

The classic canister vacuum usually has a longer hose which makes it great for cleaning stairs, furniture or upholstery or stretching to reach high places. You may also notice that they are a little quieter as there’s more insulation since the engine and dirt container are located in the canister.

Last of all you may find that a robot vacuum is the right choice for your home. Robot vacuums are often compatible with an app or can be set up on a cleaning schedule. They are great for anyone with very little spare time and smaller spaces. Essentially, you can turn them on and forget about them and come home to clean floors.

Step 2: Compare the different vacuum models




 Once you’ve picked the type of vacuum that best suits your wants and needs, your next step to choosing the right vacuum is to compare the different brands and models in the category.

stick vacuumBest Buy has a tool you can use to compare one model to another, and all you have to do is click and the features for up to 5 products will be compared side by side. That makes choosing the right vacuum really easy, and you’ll notice a few similarities such as the HEPA filter, easy to empty canisters, accessory options and manoeuverability. You’ll also notice a few differences, and these are what you’ll need to take in to consideration which vacuum suits your needs best.

To use the compare option, you’ll click on the small black square at the bottom of the product and a check mark will appear. Once you’ve chosen your items click on “compare” and you’ll be taken to a screen showing each product as well as a list of what each vacuum has to offer. Read through each column, make a pro and con list and from here, choose the best fit for your home.

Step 3: Read customer reviews and make decision

robot vacuumAfter you’ve compared your top vacuum choices, the next step to choosing the right one is to read what others had to say about the vacuum. That’s where reader reviews come in. The reader reviews at Best Buy are done by people who bought that vacuum and want to share their thoughts on the product.

Here’s what a few people had to say about the vacuum cleaner they chose for their home.

eheh from Saanichton, BC had this to say:

Um ya. This thing rocks.

I’m pretty critical about things especially when they cost a mint, but this thing is lovely and the fact that my 6 yr old and 10 yr old bicker over who gets to vacuum is worth every cent. Only wish the power sucker (max) option lasted more than 8 mins as I have a big house. I’m trying to learn to use lower setting but it just doesn’t feel right not using the power up setting as “I want to get all that dirt, so power up” if you know what I mean.

 A review from  Roz from Niverville MB:

Excellent product

Good suction. Love the short extension which is not too difficult to activate (change suction locations) The vacuum does not fall over. All buttons easy to see. Also see – thru dust collector is easy to dump straight into the waste basket. For an older person the weight centred in the handle might be a bit heavy.

Next up is Chris from Calgary, AB:

This is a great vacuum for hardwood/laminate flooring. If you are using it for a large carpeted area I recommend a power head. It does not move along carpet very well at all. The power heads aren’t cheap so keep that in mind when you purchase. It runs nice, changing the bag is a breeze and it has several modes to choose from based on the type of cleaning you are doing.

Last up is Ann Blair and Bob Ryerson from Ottawa, ON:

Amazing Little Fellow!

Our robot George works as well as promised. It leaves a trail of “clean” everywhere it goes! It moves easily from carpets to bare floors even where the carpet is fringed. It tells you when it is full, when it is finished and when its batteries suggest it is time to “go home.” It even sends a message when it is stuck! It does tend to get confused with uneven wrinkles in carpets, some tight spaces, floor length curtains, and vertical blinds. We simply wall off these troublesome areas with the “beacons.” We have already come to rely on George…a great product!

You can begin your own search for choosing the right vacuum cleaner right now on Best Buy.

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  1. I would also recommend to got to a few stores to touch, lift, ask to plug in and hear the noise etc.. Because this is the best way to completely understand what will you buy (ESPECIALLY if you are tend to buy vacuum cleaner via online stores).

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