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Choosing the right vacuum for your home and lifestyle can take a little research, and because it’s a big purchase and it’s an appliance that’s with you for the long term, you need to make sure you’re getting all the functions and features you’d like to have.

I remember growing up we always had the typical canister style that I had to carefully drag around behind me while doing my chores, making sure not to hit the baseboards or corners. Once I entered adulthood and moved into a home of my own with my husband, I, of course, stuck with what I knew and continued to use the canister style. While many people still prefer this style, I’ve transitioned over to an upright.

The last time I purchased a vacuum I found all of the choices out there a little overwhelming, but after I followed a few easy steps to choosing, I discovered choosing the right vacuum for me wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Here’s a few steps you can follow to choose your own vacuum.

Step 1: Narrow down your vacuum choices

choosing a vaccum cleanerWhen you’re shopping around for a new vacuum for your home, the first step is to narrow down your choices. When it comes to vacuums, there are a lot of options and possibilities to choose from. Three of the main types are upright, canister, and robot vacuums.

I love the upright style because they’re easy to use and maneuver, most come with an easy to empty canister, and there are plenty of accessories for all flooring types. I also like that it’s just one unit which makes it easy to store without taking up too much space.

My vacuum also needs to be lightweight enough to carry outside to vacuum my car when it needs a cleaning, and have a long and flexible hose with a variety of accessories to get into all those hard to reach places like under my seats.

Step 2: Compare the different vacuum models


Once you’ve picked your type of vacuum, your next step to choosing the right vacuum for you is to compare the different brands and models in the category.

Best Buy has a tool you can use to compare one model to another, and all you have to do is click and the features for both will be compared side by side. That makes choosing the right vacuum really easy, and you’ll notice a few similarities such as the HEPA filter, easy to empty canisters, accessory options and manoeuvrability. You’ll also notice a few differences and these are what you’ll need to take in to consideration which vacuum suits your needs best.

For the sake of my own comparison, I’ve selected a few upright vacuum cleaners that I would love to bring home.

I love the Dyson DC66 Animal Upright Vacuum because it lifts dust, dirt and pet hair from every corner without having to worry about losing suction. Thanks to the Radial Root Cyclone technology and the HEPA filter, it’s also great for a variety of types of flooring such as carpet, tile and hardwood, and with the self-adjusting cleaner head you won’t lose suction as you transition from one type of flooring to another.

If you’re a Dyson fan then you already know about their Ball technology which allows for smooth steering and the instant release wand that has superstretch and will help you get in to all those hard to reach places.

I compared the Dyson to the Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum.

This lightweight upright has Multi-Cyclonic filtration and three channels to make sure you’re getting all those hidden dust bunnies. I love that it comes with a HEPA filter and a 30 foot power cord so you can reach farther and do a lot less unplugging and plugging in.

The Hoover also works great on all types of flooring and will work well for the whole house.




To get a good idea of how one Dyson model varies from another, I compared the Dyson DC77 Upright too. This vacuum takes vacuuming to a whole new level. It features Cinetic technology which means it has 35 Cinetic tips that oscillate 350 times per second and this prevents clogging. Combined with the HEPA filter and Dyson’s ball technology, that makes for a powerful suction and easy to manœuvrer vacuum.




Step 3: Read customer reviews and make decision

After you’ve compared your favourite vacuum choices, the next step to choosing is to read what others had to say about the vacuum. That’s where reader reviews come in. The reader reviews at Best Buy are done by people who bought that vacuum.

Here’s what a few people had to say about the vacuum cleaner I choose, the Dyson DC66.

Elle Cee from Delta, B.C. had this to say about the Dyson DC66

reader review dyson vacuum cleaner“I just got this a Christmas gift from my hubby. I have wanted one since it came out. I am totally in love with this vacuum. I have two dogs that shed a lot. I thought I had gotten all the pet hair up with my old vacuum but I used the Dyson and wow never seen so much hair and dirt. I love this vacuum. My home is much cleaner now. I would recommend this vacuum to very one. I have vacuumed my stairs and didn’t have any problems with the wand. It reached all the steps I needed it to. I am very happy with this vacuum.”

A review from BusyMom from Toronto, Ontario said this about the Hoover WindTunnel

review hoover wind tunnel“I’ve had this vacuum for about 6 months now and I love it. The suction is great and it leave my floors and carpets spotless. It’s lightweight and very easy to use. I love that it swivels to get around furniture and bends down low to get under tables. In the 6 months I’ve had this vacuum I have nothing to complain about.”

Next up is Mary from Burnaby, B.C. who said this about the Dyson DC77

“Great vacuum. Suction is very strong, it removes dirt, sand, dust…etc, leaves carpet sparkly clean, like new. Dyson is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned and used, it is worth the money. Very happy with the purchase.”

When you compare the three vacuums the way I did, starting with choosing your vacuum cleaner type, comparing different models within that category, and then reading up on customer reviews, it’s easy to narrow down your choices and find the perfect vacuum cleaner for you.

You can begin your own search for choosing the right vacuum cleaner right now on Best Buy.


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