Deep frying has become a lot healthier with the new low oil cooking abilities of Airfryers from Philips and Actifry from T-Fal.

Deep frying absolutely anything seems to be a growing trend, and while some things look delicious, others are quite questionable, and none of them are great for the waist line or your heart health when you fry them the traditional way.

The new variety of fryers on the market allow you to enjoy fried foods, and stay healthy. With the use of a Philips Airfryer or a T-Fal Actifry you can make your own fried foods at home with very little oil—you can even use the oil of your choice!

Airfryer Deep Fryer from Philips

air-fryerJust as its name suggests, air fryers cook or fry your foods with hot air, and only a tiny amount of oil. This Philips Viva Airfryer Deep Fryer with Rack will give you delicious fried food without that greasy film that deep frying does. It uses Rapid Air Technology which means it uses a fan to continually pass the hot air through the foods cooking them quickly and giving them the perfect crisp just like a deep fryer.

The Philips Viva will also grill, roast and bake and comes with a double layer rack which means you can cook your whole meal in one convenient appliance.

One of the perks of an air fryer is that your whole house won’t smell like the local fast food joint after cooking a meal. The anti-odour filter combined with the low oil usage means there’s less smell than your typical deep fryer.


actifry deep fryerAnother great new fryer is the T-fal Actifry 2-in-1 Deep Fryer. As an Actifry owner I can tell you I use it often and I love it. French fries are my weakness and the Actifry makes them perfectly. You can use your potato of choice, but I recommend a russet potato: they make the best fries.

The Actifry comes with a handy measuring spoon so you’ll be sure to use the right amount of oil for whatever you’re frying, and the 2-in-1 also has a removable cooking plate so you’re able to cook two different foods at once. Just like an air fryer, the Actifry uses a hot air circulation system with an added pulsing action to give your foods that crispy fried outside that makes fried foods so delicious. There’s also a great colour recipe book included that has some amazing meals your family will love.

Besides the french fries, I love that the Actifry allows me to cook my foods with the oil of my choice. My two favourites are coconut oil and olive oil, but I have heard that avocado oil is quite delicious as well and I’m excited to try that next.

With deep fryer alternative’s you don’t have to completely give up fried foods for the sake of your health. You can re-create some of your favourite fried foods at home with healthier options guilt free. Whenever I get that craving for some delicious fresh made fries I’m so thankful for my Actifry and I love making my own homemade dipping sauces for them too.

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  1. I got one for christmas, and love it. I would dearly love to start seeing some of the flat antennaes they have in the US for cord cutters. I would love to be able to pull in tv channels and ditch my cable bills. How about it Best Buy?

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