Insignia Gas Convection range reviewIt’s great to have a refrigerator with ample storage and I have always liked having a dishwasher with cool features like third racks and quick cycles. But for me, there’s nothing as important in the kitchen as a good range. A gas range like the Insignia Gas Convection range has everything you need to cook, bake, and broil, plus the sleek style that looks great in any kitchen.

I just unboxed and took a look at the features on the Insignia 4.8 cu. ft. freestanding gas range with Steam Cleaning. While I couldn’t fully test it out because I didn’t have it connected to gas, I was able to appreciate the features and ease of use. Here’s a quick look at what this range will bring to your kitchen.

Features and dimensions of Insignia gas range

The Insignia gas range, model NS-RGFGSS1, is a freestanding gas range with 4.8 cu.ft of interior oven space. It has a stainless steel finish and measures 46 inches H by 29 inches W by 29 inches D. If you’re interested in an electric-only range, there’s also the Insignia Electric Convection range.
  • 4.8 cu.ft. capacity means your range is large enough for family meals
  • Convection fan provides consistent heat inside oven
  • Gas range provides precise heat control
  • Five burners with removable burner covers
  • Cast iron top grate is dishwasher friendly for easy cleanup
  • Triple-layered glass oven door with two adjustable oven racks
  • Keep warm setting keeps your food warm for up to three hours
  • Control panel lock prevents children from turning oven on
  • Steam clean function makes it simple to clean your oven

Unboxing the Insignia gas range

Ideally, you will have your Insignia Gas Range delivered to your home. Best Buy delivery will unbox and set up the range for you, but you’ll need to keep a few things in mind when installing the Insignia Gas Convection range.

All gas ranges require a gas fitter to connect the appliance to your existing gas hookup. You’ll also need to plug this range into a standard outlet as it uses electricity for the convection oven.

Using the Insignia gas range

Insignia gas range control dials

I took a good look at the Insignia Gas Convection Range and I was impressed overall. Here are a few of the features that stood out for me.

Large convection oven with capacity for family cooking

When I bake, I go big or go home, so when I look at range options, I always check to see if the oven has the capacity to fit several cookie sheets at one time. With 4.8 cu.ft. of space, the oven on the Insignia Gas range has more than enough room for baking trays of cookies, a large roasting pan, or two to three cake pans side by side. It’s the exact size I would look for if I wanted a new range for my family of six.

Five gas burners for precise heat control

Insigina gas range dishwasher safe grate

If you’re really into cooking you’re going to love the Insignia Gas range. It has five burners for you to use and gas offers you precise heat control. An electric cooktop, while still very useful, can’t compare to the heat control on a gas range. You get instant on to boil water, saute your meat and veggies, or grill steak or fish.

There is also a broiler that you can use for pizzas or browning cheese, and I highly recommend you use it for pizza. Homemade pizza cooked under a broiler is so much better than take-out.

Burner 1 Rating 18000 British thermal units
Burner 2 Rating 12000 British thermal units
Burner 3 Rating 5000 British thermal units
Burner 4 Rating 9000 British thermal units
Burner 5 Rating 12000 British thermal units
Broiler Burner Rating 13500 British thermal units


The top grate on the Insignia Gas Convection range is easy to clean because it’s dishwasher friendly, and you can remove all of the burner covers for easy cleaning too.

Keep warm feature on Insignia gas range

Insignia gas convection range control panel

When dinner is ready before you are, you can use the Keep Warm feature in the oven. It will keep your food warm for up to three hours. The oven also has a triple-layer glass door for better insulation, so even if your Keep Warm feature turns off after three hours, the inner compartment of the oven will take quite a while to release all of that nice, warm air.

Control panel with child lock

The control panel on the Insignia Gas range is on the back panel of the range. It’s easy to reach over and set the temperature on your oven, set a timer, or activate the child lock so your kids can’t turn the oven on. The buttons tap easily, the display is bright, and if you end up splattering the control panel, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth to clean.

Steam cleaning is the easy way to keep your oven clean

Insignia gas range interior oven

There’s a small tray on the bottom of the oven in the Insignia gas convection range. It’s where you’ll put water so you can steam clean your oven. If you’ve never had access to steam cleaning for an oven before, I absolutely recommend it as a must-have feature. It deep cleans the oven without you needing to use extremely high heat or harsh chemicals. Once the steam clean is complete, you can just wipe away the debris inside.

Another way you could use the water reservoir at the bottom of the oven? Right before you put in a loaf of bread, buns, or banana bread, add a splash of water to your bottom reservoir. The steam released while baking makes your bread recipes moist and delicious.

Should you choose the Insignia gas range?

I don’t have a gas range right now, but after looking over the Insignia gas range, I definitely have one on my wish list. I love that it has five burners with varying heat control, and cooking with gas is just faster and more efficient than cooking on a smooth electric cooktop.

While this is a gas range, you also have the benefit of a convection oven, and I can’t recommend convection baking enough. You do need to make adjustments to the heat and time for the recipes you’re making, but the convection fan fills in the cavity of the oven with consistent heat. That means no more unbaked cookies in one corner while they burn in another.

I really like how you can remove the top grate and burners for easy clean-up. It’s much easier than cleaning other types of ranges, especially since the grate is dishwasher safe.

The Insignia gas range also has a great style that will stand out in any kitchen. Is it time for you to upgrade to the Insignia gas range? You can find it right now at Best Buy.

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