samsung kitchen trend 2016Fall is my favourite time of year. Not only is it when we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and spectacular fall foliage, it’s also the time of year when big brands launch new products. There’s a lot great new stuff hitting the shelves of Best Buy this fall, but out of all of it I’m most excited about the new trends in kitchen appliances.



Here are just a few hot kitchen trends this coming fall.


samsung dual oven slide in range black stainless


Black Stainless Appliances

I remember when black appliances first came out and how I was so excited to say goodbye to white in the kitchen. And when stainless steel became available, it added a sleek, modern look I loved.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, because this fall one of the biggest kitchen trends is black stainless. This amazing combo of black and stainless steel gives any kitchen an instant upgrade.

Samsung has come out with a full line of amazing black stainless steel appliances that complement any colour of kitchen, are fingerprint resistant, and have all of the amazing new features you’ll want in a new kitchen appliance including double oven doors so you can bake two dishes at once to a waterwall dishwasher that gets every dish sparkling clean.

Samsung Family Hub

Speaking of Samsung, one of the hottest new refrigerators is coming out this fall, and it’s going to change the way you store and shop for food. The Samsung Family Hub is a sparkling new refrigerator with built-in Wi-Fi and all of the tools you need to connect, schedule, and shop for your family.


samsung family hub


The front of the fridge has a full screen display you can use to sync schedules, add events, and even send messages back and forth to other family members. You can also use it to stream radio or as a hub for your connected smart home devices.

The Samsung Family Hub lets you shop for groceries via an app or right on the display of the fridge, and with Innerview cameras, you can always take a look around the shelves of your fridge from wherever you are and see if you need to pick up something extra.


LG Twin WashWashers and Dryers you can’t live without

A laundry pair isn’t a kitchen appliance, but there are so many great features available on new washing machines and dryers that they deserve a mention.

Since buying my first front loading washing machine, I can’t count how many times I wished I could just stop the cycle and add one more item of clothing. The door locks on my model, because if you actually managed to open it mid-wash you’d have a mess on your hands. That’s why Samsung has come up with a new feature available now called AddWash. It’s a door-in-door feature that lets you add in a forgotten item.

Samsung also has a new feature called ActiveWash. It’s a top loader with a sink and dedicated water so you can hand wash delicate items right on top of the washer.

Not to be outdone, LG also has a few tricks up their sleeve. Have you ever heard of the TWIN Wash system? It’s available on LG washing machines like the LG 5.2 Cu.Ft. High Efficiency Front Load Steam Washer. When you pair it with the LG Sidekick pedestal washer you can wash one load in the main washing machine and a second load at the same time in the pedestal washer below.

These amazing new appliances will breath new life into any home they’re put in. Take a look at all of the latest kitchen appliances available on right now.

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