Bosch-Side-By-Side-Fridge.jpgIt doesn’t matter whether you buy all organic fruits and veggies or you stock up on 6 jugs of milk at one time, you can’t deny that groceries are expensive and the process of getting them is time consuming. I try to do a major shop once every two weeks and only pick up small things in between, but even then I find I spend a lot of time running back and forth to the grocery store.

Part of the problem is my refrigerator. Because it’s an older model, it’s not designed to hold a lot of food and keep it all as organized as I’d like. That means when I stock up, I have to decide on things like how much produce I can fit into my fridge instead of how much I really need. Or, how many jugs of milk will the fridge handle without bursting at the seams? I’ve also been guilty of stuffing my fridge to the gills with new groceries while pondering whether or not the ketchup will live on in the cupboard if I don’t refrigerate after opening.

If your refrigerator is like mine, it’s definitely time for an upgrade, and that’s where Bosch comes in. The latest models of Bosch refrigerators have ultra-efficient cooling systems, full-extension drawers for extra space, and humidity-controlled crispers to keep your lettuce and apples fresh until you’re ready to eat them. Upgrading from an older refrigerator to a Bosch refrigerator is more than just an upgrade – it’s a revelation. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that they look great while they’re keeping everything cool in your kitchen.


Here’s a quick preview of the amazing new refrigerators from Bosch:

Bosch French Door RefrigeratorBosch-Fridge.jpg

Movable shelves, double doors, pull-out freezer drawer, and 22 cubic feet of storage space inside the fridge – the Bosch French Door Refrigerator has all the bells and whistles you’ll need for a family kitchen.

Because it has French doors, when you just need to grab a jug of milk, you have the option of only opening one half of the fridge. The movable glass shelves let you adjust to hold a large amount of food or a wide tray if you need to, and because the shelves are spill proof, any liquid you accidentally spill will stay on the shelf and not drip down the sides.

Where the Bosch French Door Refrigerator really excels is keeping food fresh. That’s because it has a MultiFlow Air Tower to keep everything inside at the same chilly temperature. In a nutshell, that means if you put food in the back of the fridge, it won’t grow a layer of ice while it’s back there. Everything, from the humidity-controlled crisper to the food you just put in the fridge, is kept evenly cool.

The water and ice dispensers are inside the door of the fridge so they don’t take away from the sleek, clean lines of your stainless steel kitchen, and the pull out freezer drawer is ergonomically designed so you won’t have to bend over too far to get into your freezer. It even has antibacterial wall linings and a door alarm to save on your energy bill if you’ve ever left the door ajar.

Bosch-side-by-side.jpgBosch Side-By-Side Refrigerator

It sits flush with your counter and keeps your food fresh while looking great in your kitchen – the Bosch Side-By-Side Refrigerator comes in a variety of sizes to suit every kitchen.

With a Multi-Flow Shower Cooling system, everything you put inside the fridge will be cool, crisp, and ready to eat. On the outside of the door you’ll get exterior ice and water dispensing, and it has LED illumination so you can find your way to a drink of water in the middle of the night.

The EasyLift shelves will move up and down even when they are loaded with your bottles and perishables, so if you have to make room for other items, it’s not a huge chore to move them. The Freshprotect box lets you adjust the temperature inside so you can keep everything from apples to fish at the perfect temperature.

One of the ‘coolest’ features is SuperCool and SuperFreeze. That means if you put something that’s not frozen or cool in the fridge or freezer, your Bosch refrigerator automatically balances the temperature between the newly placed foods and what’s already inside. And just like you put your mail on hold when you’re away on vacation, now you can put your fridge on hold too – the Bosch Side-By-Side has vacation mode so you can save on your energy bill when you’re away for a long time.

Whether you’ve had the same fridge for 10 years or have upgraded in the past 3 or 4, trust me when I say you’ll be seriously impressed with the technology behind Bosch refrigerators. Check out all Bosch has to offer on Best Buy right now and get ready to enjoy putting your groceries away again.

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