Samsung Press Conference CES 2018CES 2018 has officially kicked off, and I’ve been glued to the press conferences to see what’s new in the world of smart appliances large and small. As usual, Samsung hit it it out of the park on the first official day of the show, and what they’ve got in store for your homes is pretty amazing.

Samsung’s Intelligence of things

This year Samsung has gone beyond just the specifics of their smart appliances by opening up with a discussion on exactly how they’ll fit and work together in your smart home. They call it the intelligence of things,’ and it’s all about how their products interact with each other so they simplify your life while being even easier to use.

To do this they’re adding a voice assistant to some new smart appliances. His name is Bixby, and although you may have heard of him because of the Galaxy S8 last year, you could soon see him pop up in your kitchen. He’ll be able to check out what’s in your Samsung refrigerator and recommend recipes for you to try based on the contents.

If that seems like an episode out of the Jetsons, you’d be right. It’s so exciting to think about how you could use a helping hand like Bixby.

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung Family Hub Smart AppliancesIf you go into a Best Buy you can see the Samsung Family Hub in person, and I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in the store playing with the LCD screen and checking out the cameras on this amazing refrigerator.

The Samsung Family Hub is a refrigerator with an LCD screen and internal cameras. You can use the Family Hub to plan out your daily meals, sync your family schedules via the calendar, and even shop for groceries without leaving your kitchen. This fridge has been around for a few years, but the latest generation of it is the best one yet.

At CES 2018 Samsung announced they’ll integrate Bixby with the newest generation of the Samsung Family Hub, and you’ll also have access to Samsung SmartThings. That’s the connected home platform the company has been using since 2014. They’ve also added AKG Premium Quality Sound Speakers to the doors of the refrigerator. Those new speakers will really come in handy when you’re streaming straight to your refrigerator.

Given everything they’ve put into it, it’s not surprising that the Samsung Family Hub was the winner of the 2018 CES Best of Innovation award.

Samsung QuickDrive washing machine

Samsung Quick WashLaundry can be a chore, but new technology can really make a difference in your wash time. To help you get in and out of the laundry room faster, Samsung announced its new QuickDrive washing machine. It can wash your clothes up to 35 percent faster than other machines.

It may be faster, but it won’t take up anymore real estate in your laundry room. This washing machine is only 24 inches wide, and that’s compact compared to the standard 27 inches. There’s also a companion dryer, and together they’ll form a stack-able duo in your laundry room.

Laundry Recipe Samsung smart appliances

It’s speedy, compact, and it’s smart too: the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine is compatible with the Samsung Smart Things ecosystem. You’ll be able to use the Q-rator laundry assistant to use different features like Laundry Recipe, Laundry Planner, and the HomeCare Wizard. Laundry Recipe will be really helpful when you’re not quite sure how to wash something because it gives you recommendations for wash cycles, fabric types, and even helps out when you let it know how soiled your clothes are.

That’s just a look at what’s been announced by Samsung smart appliances. From the sounds of it, there’s a lot to look forward to this year, so keep an eye out for these home appliances heading to Best Buy online and near you.

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