We all want to save money and VoIP (Voice over IP) technology is one of those great ways to cut your spending. It uses the Internet and its cheap data as an alternative to making voice calls using a telephone or cell phone. Great idea. When it comes to VoIP, netTALK is one of leaders in Canada and the company has just announced the launch of a new Android app that’s exclusive to Canadians. This netTALK app features a long list of benefits including a free Canadian number, free international calls between app users and free international radio streaming. Given the popularity of NetTALK’s Duo VOiP telephone hardware, this app is definitely worth checking out.

Not sure what all the fuss is about VOiP? If you’re looking for an easy win on the money saving front and you talk to people over the telephone with any regularity, then it’s worth looking into. I published a a few months ago that should provide the info you need.

Back to NetTALK. As a leader in VOiP, I tend to pay attention when the company puts out a press release about a new product. When this hit my inbox, I thought it was worth sharing with Plug-in readers:

The benefits for Canadians is outstanding,“said Takis Kyriakides, CEO of netTALK.com, Inc. “We always have our customers in mind to give them the newest and most exciting features for saving money when they’re making calls. Our new Android app is no exception.

Of course I checked out the Android app they’re talking about and here’s the full scoop on what it offers:

  • Free unlimited app-to-app calling, worldwide
  • Free Canadian phone number with unlimited free incoming calls (if you own a netTALK Duo, it costs nothing to forward that phone number to the app)
  • Free international radio streaming from 12 countries
  • 30% to 40% rate savings when calling worldwide to landlines or mobile phones
  • 1-click signup with a Google account with support for Google Wallet
  • App connectivity works via Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE connection
  • Ability to import your existing contacts from your Android smartphone
  • Free conference calling bridge feature with unlimited participants
  • Facebook/Twitter and e-mail sharing
  • Ad free with purchase of international talk credits

Sounds good, but what’s the bottom line? In plain English.

If you’re using an Android smartphone, you can download the free netTalk app and once you create a netTALK account, you have access to the features. You can import all your existing contacts, then invite them to join through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Once they’re onboard, you can call them up using netTALK and talk as long as you want and at no cost —no matter where they happen to be.

Your account gets you a Canadian phone number and it doesn’t cost you anything when people call you on this number. If you use your smartphone and the netTALK app to call someone on a standard telephone line or their cell phone, you’re now paying for the call, but it’s significantly cheaper than typical rates —you should save 30% to 40% compared to making that call without using netTALK.

You also get free streaming radio. You can use your smartphone to stream that music to a Blue-tooth speaker, or just plug in headphones. Business types have free access to conference calling —just dial 2663 from netTALK and have as many participants as you want.

And you can do all this from anywhere you can get a connection —no matter what kind of connection. 3G, LTE or even Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter because VoIP is using the Internet as its transmission network. If you have an Android smartphone, it’s probably worth looking into. Just search Google’s app store for netTALK to download the app. Yes, there is an iOS version, but  it dates to July (the Android version was just updated on January 28).

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