Avani stylish phone cases have arrived at Best Buy! This company has taken a different approach to designing smartphone cases. They’ve used premium materials and combined them with stellar workmanship and attention to details. The results are fashionable, elegant and sophisticated cases that make your Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note 3 and iPhone 5 really stand out from the crowd.

Classic design

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is done in soft buttery black leather stitched onto the case with green thread for a very subtle accent. There is a thick border of edging that gave the case an extra bit of grip that felt good in the hand.

This border curled around the back to create a snug fit with no movement. The case was a bit difficult to get onto the phone but once on offered a smooth fit. Just underneath the camera slot was the polished steel Avani winged logo. Inside the case there was brushed silicon finish for added shock resistance.

Style wise this was our favourite case as it was simple but elegant. This is the perfect case for a business setting or a dressy occasion when you don’t want your smartphone upstaging your dress or makeup. One concern was whether the leather would stain with thumbprints or watermarks.



Maximum privacy

This wallet cover for the Samsung Note 3 was the most versatile of the covers and quickly became another favourite. The dual sided cover gives maximum privacy and this case could easily pass as a wallet. The creamy leather has a black stripe along the bottom embossed with white accent stitching. Miniature Avani wings are fixed along the lower left.  The edges also have accent stitching to finish off the look. Inside is a soft plush velveteen pouch with two slots for credit or debit cards. Perfect for streamlining your belongings when you go out clubbing. You could probably stash some money behind your phone as well. The back of the case has a hinged ridge which folds back to create a stand for the Note 3 for watching videos or hands-free video chatting. This is one versatile cover and a great accessory. Again, we were concerned about stains on the cover left from grubby fingers.

IPhone 5s wallet

There was a smaller version of this wallet case for the iPhone 5s. The stand didn’t feel as sturdy because of its size. Inside there was only slot for one card, again because of the size. This case felt like it would take longer to break in since it was stiffer. We felt this cover form factor worked better when it was larger.


Black and white for iPhone 5s

There is also a leather version of the Avani case for the iPhone 5s in white or black leather. Both cases are lightweight and durable, offering good all-around protection. The padded leather extends all the way to edge with decorative stitching for a subtle finish. The side is a brushed plastic with a silicon finish that grips the phone. The opening for the side controls is open-ended so it fits flush against the screen. Inside is a silicon seal for a non-slip surface. A classic case that moves seamlessly from work to play.





Sassy and fun

This polka dot Samsung Galaxy S4 case was easier to get on as it had a much more flexible plastic hard shell case. The case went flush to the phone with slightly bevelled edges for a snug fit. There were punch out slots for the side buttons and controls. While we liked the fun polka dots – they were just the perfect size, not too small, not too large – we did find the colour confusing. Was the background colour purple or a reddish-brown? We couldn’t tell and it really depended on the ambient lighting. This makes it a tough cover to co-ordinate with a complete ensemble. It was a fun pattern but obviously not suitable for a business environment.

Imitating life

There was a lot of discussion over whether this was real Mother of Pearl – that’s how well done the design is for this iPhone 5s cover. This is actually a smooth plastic cover finished off with an edge of silver plastic that extends around to the back for a snug fit. There are punch out slots for the side buttons and controls. When the light catches the case, you get incandescent shades of pink, green and silver, reminiscent of the real thing.

While this case looks good against the ear, it offers no shock protection at all. It is incredibly light and nice to hold so is a great case to make a fashion statement when you need a certain amount of flash. Just be sure if you’re going out for a night on the town with this case, you are careful not to drop your iPhone 5s.  

Padded bling

This off-white cover with just a hint of pink has padded leatherette with crosshatch stitching for a quilted look. Accent crystals in each corner create a distinct diamond pattern. The padding continues along the edges for a clean look when it lays against the screen. Inside is a rubberized padded interior for even more protection. We liked how it went on tight and stayed flush to the screen for an unbroken pattern. The cut out bars for the side controls felt a bit flimsy and we wondered if it would break off from wear. How long would the accent jewels stay on and how sturdy is the stitching? What kind of stain resistance does the cover offer? This would be the kind of cover you would want to use on a daily basis. For the princess in all of us.

Carbon design

The funky black cover for the iPhone 5s was a good imitation of carbon fibre

material. The light caught the pattern to create a zigzag effect. The edges were a soft metallic black with same the bevelled edges. The opening for side controls was open-ended and inside is light silicon finishing.  A super light case but one that doesn’t offer much shock resistance or protection. It would make a great evening case for a night out since it was definitely eye-catching. Just don’t drop the phone!

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