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Devialet Phantom Series Speakers Showcase


These days, wireless speakers can all start to look and sound the same. So when you see a speaker that breaks with convention, it must be special. Since its inception, Devialet has been on a mission to provide an out-of-this-world listening experience. Years of research have culminated in a range of patented technologies, which guarantee a clear and precise output. Minimalistic and sleek, the Phantom range is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to audio excellence. These are no ordinary speakers.

Both the Phantom Reactor and Phantom Premier exemplify the superior sound and design quality that has made Devialet a leader in hi-fi audio equipment for over a decade. These speakers are immensely responsive and powerful, yet compact enough to sit comfortably on a shelf.


The Phantom Reactor allows you to experience the full breadth of Devialet’s innovations in a unit that’s as comfortable at home as it is on the road. This incredible speaker is compact and portable, yet it delivers utterly flawless audio.

Remarkably lightweight, the Phantom Reactor is a sophisticated speaker that shows off the full force of Devialet’s technology. This is a sound that moves with you, a speaker that is ready to respond to every need of even the most dynamic listener. Audiophiles have complete autonomy over their listening experience with the Phantom’s ultra-reactive controls, both up-close and at a distance, thanks to the Devialet app.

Hear your favourite songs as you’ve never heard them before. With zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise, each note is free to shine. Comprising 981 parts protected by more than 160 patents, the Phantom Reactor packs some seriously unique, fluid audio.


For those addicted to superior audio experiences, look no further than the Phantom Premier. Wireless and streamlined, it is unparalleled in the home speaker market and it contains some of the world’s best sound engineering technology. Developed by experts in aerodynamics, acoustics and mechanics, the Phantom Premier is a compact but amazingly capable piece of tech.

The total absence of background noise, distortion and saturation provides a flawless backdrop for the rich and precise sound to come through with utmost clarity. The depth of sound reaches new and exciting levels, making for an unforgettable experience.

Phantom Premier’s spherical shape and immersive technology can adapt to any room type, delivering consistent power, whether you’re in Mono, Stereo or Multiroom. The Premier has been curated to perform perfectly at any volume and in any setting.


Don’t wait to experience the future. At the Devialet studios in Paris, the focus is always on innovation. The Phantom speaker lineup is packed with the latest tech and features the brand’s patented inventions.

The ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) technology brings together Class A Analog resistance with Class D digital power in perfect harmony, breaking the mould in sound experience.

ACE refers to the Phantom’s unique architecture, which is based on a model of the ideal acoustic form: a pulsating sphere designed to flawlessly diffuse concentric sound waves.

Speaker Active Matching (SAM) is the process by which the Phantom reproduces the original sound recording. SAM technology recaptures the exact sound waves produced at the time of recording, meaning there’s zero disparity between the source and the output.

Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) is Devialet’s groundbreaking technology, which allows the Phantom to deliver profound bass quality even in a compact system.

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