Meet the Devialet Phantom II, Phantom I

Designed and manufactured in France, Devialet has spent more than 15 years researching acoustics and design, working with more than 100 specialists in fields like aerodynamics, automotive, acoustics, and mechanical engineering. The company has also filed more than 200 patents in order to develop the Phantom II and the Phantom I.

Employing a unique and sleek design, the audiophile speakers are designed to challenge previous notions of what a Bluetooth speaker can be. Meticulously crafted to be as much pieces of artwork as they are speakers, both are designed to deliver hifi audio, reproducing music as the artists intended. Volume level is no match: no matter how loud you play, you won’t hear any background noise, distortion, or saturation.

Phantom II and Phantom I are extremely responsive and powerful, yet they are also compact enough to sit atop a table or shelf.

Phantom II: Ultra compact, high fidelity

Available in a 95dB or 98dB iteration, both in Iconic White or Matte Black, these wireless hifi speakers are incredibly four times smaller than the Phantom I and remarkably lightweight. Yet they still provide high-fidelity sound with physical impact, even at lower volumes. 

Constructed with a total of 981 parts, all protected by Devialet’s 200+ patents, it features the whole gamut of Devialet’s technical and audio prowess. The speaker delivers from 18Hz to 21kHz to present pure, precise, and rich sound in audiophile-grade playback.

With a single stroke of the touch controls on the speaker itself, you can control music, including skipping tracks, to ensure a dynamic and personalized experience that moves with you. Or, if you prefer, use the Devialet app to control the speaker from a distance while you lounge on the couch or sit back with your eyes closed, immersing yourself in the soothing sounds of a favourite playlist.

Phantom I: Not your average wireless speaker

Typically, when you think of wireless speakers, you think of a compromise on sound. But that isn’t the case with the Phantom I, which provides a superior and intense listening experience, despite its small chassis.

Containing some of the world’s best sound engineering technology, you’ll go from 16H-25kHz to 108 dB SPL and 14Hz-27kHz for listening in mono, stereo, or multiroom setups to suit your listening needs. Built from Phantom’s own plant, it boasts over-enhanced acoustics thanks to innovations across the board, from the hardware to the software, design and manufacturing. 

Available in a 103dB version in Light Chrome and Matte Black or 108dB version in Gold and Dark Chrome, it exudes stylish elegance to match with any home décor. Like its smaller sister, the Phantom I is designed to provide the best sound experience possible with no distortion or noise, regardless of how loud you play tunes.

Devialet’s own audio innovations

Devialet has developed a slate of audio technologies to incorporate into the Phantom home audio speaker range, all of which have been designed to change the way you experience sound and reproduce music as artists intend. 

Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology blends the resistance of Class A analog with the power and compactness of class D digital technologies. It’s like the audio equivalent of driver assist whereby the analog amplifier generates the optimal resistance load while the four digital amplifiers generate power.

Phantom’s cospherical conception, inspired by Olson’s pulsating sphere principle, called ACE, can be likened to the ripple that occurs when a thrown stone skims the surface of the water. In the same manner, sound waves move through space in a concentric fashion, spreading audio evenly, in all directions.

Speaker Active Matching (SAM), meanwhile, is the technology Devialet uses to process the sound signal so that it can perfectly match the original recording; and Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) ensures that the speakers can deliver deep bass that’s surprising from a speaker of such a small size. 

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