PlayStation VR2 BannerIf you are looking for the next level of immersion with your gaming, the PlayStation VR 2 offers many incredible experiences. The newly launched PS VR2 is full of promise, packing cutting-edge technology and a launch line-up full of diverse games across multiple genres. By combining powerful hardware and intuitive design, the headset offers a deep, immersive experience that kept me engaged for hours. Whether you are a new or returning enthusiast of PlayStation’s virtual reality offerings, the PS VR2 is a very exciting leap forward for the platform. Let’s delve into the new hardware with my comprehensive review of the PlayStation VR2.

Unboxing and configuring the PS VR2

Sony clearly listened to player feedback about the original PSVR, using it to make big, meaningful improvements. This becomes clear from the outset, as the unboxing and initial set-up with the PS VR2 is a breeze. Gone are the bundles of wires and extra accessories, replaced with a single cord. The PS VR2 only relies on a single USB-C connection to the front of the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation VR2 Retail VersionsDepending on which retail version of the PS VR2 you purchase, the PlayStation VR2 base model, or the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain VR Bundle the contents and price will vary slightly. The base model comes with all the hardware components needed to play, but no games. The “Call of the Mountain” bundle includes all the PS VR2 hardware along with a copy of the aforementioned game. I personally would go with the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain VR Bundle. it saves you a little money and you get an incredible game bundled in the package.

Unboxing the PS VR2What’s included with the PS VR2 

In terms of the base PlayStation VR2 retail package, you receive everything you need to get up and running. Except the PS5 console and VR games, they are sold separately. In the box you’ll find the headset, two Sense controllers, a USB cable, earbuds, 3 sets of earpiece tips and an instruction manual. Once you plug it into the PS5 and turn on the headset, only configuring a few minor settings remain. Sony makes it incredibly simple to get started with the setup process, taking only 10 minutes of your time.

PS VR2 On-screen SetupEach step along the way is thoroughly explained on-screen in a user-friendly manner, making for an easy setup. The PS VR2 will virtually map the room around you. It’s important to configure the device in a well-lit and open area. The outcomes I acquired were incredibly exact and required only a single scan of my “play zone”, as the camera and sensors did all the work.

PlayStation VR2 Hardware SpecsPS VR2 hardware specifications

The PS VR2 hardware is superior to its predecessor in every way. The crystal-clear 4K HDR OLED display, 110-degree field of view and life-like graphic rendering provide an immersive experience every time you don the headset. With a stunning resolution of 2000 X 2040 pixels per eye, the PS VR2 surpasses the resolution of the Oculus Quest 2. Upon first seeing the specs for the PS VR2, the hardware boasted incredible potential. Now that I have had a chance to experience it for myself, it’s the generational leap forward I was hoping for.

PlayStation VR2 CamerasAdvanced camera tracking

The device has four outward-facing and two inward-facing cameras, which provide incredibly precise location and eye tracking capabilities. Not only do these cameras accurately track the Sense controllers, they even pick-up your finger movements. This level of tracking allows for more immersive gameplay and a better overall experience.

PS VR2 Star Wars BlasterThe PS VR2, tracks your movements precisely, no matter how small or large. Single digit tracking hasn’t been perfected yet, but the accuracy is excellent in-game. The abundance of cameras also allow for “pass-through” mode. This allows you to use the external cameras to look around your play space in the real world, without needing to remove the headset.

Horizon Call of the Mountain VRExperiencing the PS VR2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain

My first impressions of using the PS VR2 are all positive, and I was amazed with what the hardware could do. The added sensors make it easy to move around the virtual world, while the headset’s design comfortably accommodates a range of different facial shapes and head sizes. When playing Horizon Call of the Mountain on PS VR2, I couldn’t help but notice how fluidly everything moved and responded when navigating through the lush landscape filled with fantastic creatures.

PS VR2 Bow and ArrowThe action felt incredibly immersive, with all my interactions accurately tracked in real time by the system’s camera array. With each new combat encounter or challenge presented in-game, I found myself drawn deeper and deeper into the experience.

PS VR2 HorizonThe first time you experience a Tallneck in Horizon Call of the Mountain, zip around a track in Gran Turismo 7 or sneak around in Resident Evil Village you’ll be met with incredible visuals and a far more immersive experience. The incredible scale and vivid visuals in the PSVR 2 offer a level of immersion that simply cannot be rivalled by lesser hardware or its predecessor.

PlayStation VR2 Lenses4K HDR OLED screen

The OLED display looks fantastic, with no lag and a super sharp image. The field of view has been exapnded to 110-degrees. This makes a big difference in the scope of your surroundings in comparison to the orginal PS VR. In the game I often found myself taking in the scenery, as the world around me felt incredibly realistic. The PS VR2 screen features a refresh rate of 90-120Hz, which helps keep everything very responsive.

PlayStation VR2 Fresnel LenseTo further increase luminosity and reduce ghosting, Sony incorporated “fresnel lenses” into their design. Overall, this keeps images brighter and more vivid.

PlayStation VR2 Sense ControllerFeel all the action

Outside of the visuals the hardware has been improved with haptic feedback technology, both in the headset and controllers. You can now feel vibrations from your movement and weapons in-game, making the experience more immersive and realistic. The new Sense controllers are another massive step forward for the PlayStation VR experience. They featued an improved tracking system that can pick-up even the most subtle movements of your hands and fingers.

PS VR2 Sense Controllers Lined UpYou’ll feel like you’re manipulating objects in-game as if they were real. The haptic feedback technology makes it so much more realistic when interacting with objects or environments in-game. The headset “ring” that rests on your head also vibrates, so you feel a lot more of the experience. In combination with the Sense controllers, you are treated to a more realistic gaming experience, which was previously not possible with the original PS VR headset.

PS VR2 Design and ComfortPS VR2 design and comfort

With its snug, comfortable fit, the PlayStation VR2 headset is built for longer gaming sessions. The heaset features many design refinements; for one, the majority of the headband’s weight now lies on top of the user’s head instead of in front. The module that houses the screen and lenses now features cooling vents and fan to prevent fogging. The “click wheel” at the rear of the headset ensures a snug fit for all head sizes. In addition to all of this the PS VR2 has been significantly lightened to maximize player comfort.

PS VR2 Lighter and SleekerLighter and sleeker than the original PS VR

In comparison to the original, the new hardware is 40g lighter. It might sound small but it makes a big difference in long stretches of use. Ultimately, this headset has a much better feel than its predecessor—its more comfortable and ergonomic. The included cord is 14.7 feet long, offering plenty of space to play. In my experience, it hasn’t become an impediment during my playing and testing.

PS VR2 Final ThoughtsFinal thoughts on the PS VR2 experience

The PlayStation VR2 is an excellent piece of hardware. It improves on the original model in nearly every way, offering an immersive experience that is comparable to other high-end virtual reality offerings. The improved tracking systems and haptic feedback technology make it much easier to interact with objects in-game. The OLED display and expanded field-of-view offer a more realistic visual experience. With its light weight design and comfortable fit, PS VR2 offers gamers hours of enjoyable gaming without fatigue or discomfort. I highly recommend this headset for anyone looking to take their gaming to the next level.

You can purchase the PlayStation VR2 and the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain VR bundle at Best Buy to get a head start on your virtual reality adventures.

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