Watch Dogs Legion

Recently, I went hands-on with a few upcoming games from Ubisoft. One of them being Watch Dogs Legion. I was invited to play from the comfort of my home using a remote streaming solution on my PC. After pairing my Xbox One controller, it only took a few short seconds to get connected to Ubisoft servers. I then spent the next 4 hours with Watch Dogs Legion.

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Watch Dogs LegionWatch Dogs: Legion Details

Platform(s): PlayStation 4Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Stadia and PC
Release Date: October 29, 2020
Developer(s): Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Action-adventure
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Technology has taken a dark turn and society is on the brink of collapse

The game’s story is centred around the London branch of a hacker group known as DedSec. In a world controlled by artificial intelligence, an authoritarian regime has used the advanced surveillance system known as ctOS to gain control of the United Kingdom. To combat this, DedSec recruits allies from across London to create a resistance force and help liberate the city.

London is facing a massive coordinated bombing campaign, which pushes the city over the brink and plunges it into chaos. Albion, a private military organization, has taken over policing in the city leading to brutality and abuse. The story begins with DedSec being framed for the London bombings. The only way to prove your innocence is to find someone known as Zero-Day, the person or group who is actually responsible for the attacks.

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Watch Dogs Legion

Recruiting anyone is easy, choosing the right one for the job is key

While it’s true that you can recruit pretty much anyone you see on the streets in London, choosing the right one for the job key. Each recruit has his or her own special attributes that make them unique. For instance, infiltrating an Albion outpost is much easier when you have a former Albion guard as part of the resistance. They are a lot less likely to raise suspicion, thus making your task a whole lot easier.

Hacking technology around you is also key to being successful. Security cameras allow you to get a better look at the environment, download security keys and distract enemies. Your spider bot also comes in handy when you need to reach locations without being seen and to solve puzzles.

Check out the video below, which was directly captured during my 4 hour gameplay session. While I would love to be able to share with you the entire session, I’ve edited it to 20 minutes to give you a good idea of my experience with Watch Dogs Legion. Please note, Watch Dogs Legion is still under development and a work in progress.

Watch Dogs Legions launches October 29, 2020

Watch Dogs Legion is even better than when I played it last year at E3 2019! The scope of the game is massive and the ability to recruit anyone you see ensures each mission will be unique. Make sure and read my interview with Watch Dogs: Legion developer Lathieeshe Thillainathan. There is a lot of good information about the game and what went into designing it.

Following the trend of other Ubisoft games, Watch Dogs Legion supports Microsoft’s “Smart Delivery” program, which allows you to purchase only one copy of the game that will work on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. And, if you purchase Watch Dogs Legion on PlayStation 4 you’ll be able to upgrade to the PS5 version at no cost.

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