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Godzilla, the iconic giant monster or ‘kaiju’  as they say in Japan, finally graces the latest generation of video game consoles in what promises to be the summers biggest smash fest. 

Pre-order your copy of Godzilla on PlaySation 4 here!


Godzilla Cover.jpgGodzilla is developed and published by Bandai Namco Games.

Release Date: July 14, 2015

Consoles: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

Genre: Action, Fighter

Rating: T for Teen


Godzilla is an iconic movie star who has been around for decades now and has been in over 25 movies dating all the way back to 1954. This giant monster has been the subject of not only movies, but also comic books, TV shows, printed on lunch boxes and even more importantly video games. This latest game has already been released in Japan and has delighted fans with one of the most accurate and fun portrayals of the most lovable and fearsome lizard ever. Soon it will grace the western shores and wreak havoc in the only way it knows how, nuclear lightning breath and all.



The game features numerous playable modes including Destruction, King of the Monsters and Evolution.  in Destruction mode the player controls Godzilla as they attempt to destroy certain objectives in a given stage and will occasionally have to fight a boss as well. In King of the Monsters mode the player once again controls Godzilla as they fight through 6 stages each with a different monster they must defeat. Evolution mode is similar to Destruction mode but with the ability to power up Godzilla with new abilities, new attacks and other iconic moves from Godzillas past, as you play through the levels.  There are several other non-playable game modes that will allow you to unlock other giant monster character models and extra info for them as you play through the game. Exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version there will also be an online multiplayer mode. In this mode up to 3  players can fight head to head as some of the most iconic Godzilla monsters.




Like I said before the game has already been released in Japan but is already slated to release in both North American and Europe this July for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Right now if you pre-order your copy of Godzilla on PlaySation 4 online with Best Buy, you will receive early access to play as the Hollywood Godzilla and Cinema Video Filters DLC. So be sure to pre-order what promises to be one of this summers smash hits!

Pre-order your copy of Godzilla on PlaySation 4 here!

Do you have a favourite Godzilla movie or monster? Or perhaps you are holding out for a stand alone Gamera game this generation, either way be sure let me know in the comments below!

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