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Of all of EA Sports’ major sports franchises, FIFA might be the biggest, and I guess it goes without saying.  The global outreach of soccer is second to none with sports in the world, and how could anything contend? It’s the easiest sport in the world to play – All you need are shoes and a ball. The World Cup in Brazil this year and you begin to see what a huge worldwide celebration it is for an entire month. The ambience and the emotion can’t be beat.

With that in mind, FIFA this year takes an enhanced look at the emotion of the game, captured through the eyes of the players.  The new Emotional Intelligence feature should be a massive change in the landscape of the FIFA player’s eyes. Players now react and get wound up better than before, and the very demeanor of the player will change and progress as the game goes on. What happens on the pitch will directly impact the way your team carries out the rest of its 90 minutes, with EA implementing some 600 different emotional reaction animations into the game.

The pitch will also feel the effect of the battles as they weather on. The Living Pitch feature sees the field itself weather abuse as players trample and slide across it as the game goes on.  While professional soccer players are probably a little bit better at slide tackling into a pitch and ripping up huge divots, it will be neat to see the field take a little damage from time to time.  Player kits will reflect the dirt and earth kicked up throughout the match as well.

You’ll also enjoy a better man to man defending experience, smarter AI that picks up on your strategies faster and even a new presentation aspect with regionalized fan chants (hopefully the safe and PC Vancouver Whitecaps Southsiders chants are prominent at BC Place!,) new goal celebrations, LED advertisements and more. Next gen buyers will also see revamped, and better looking player sprites, capturing a much more realistic look overall.

Then, of course, there is arguably the most popular newer feature to the FIFA series: Ultimate Team. While Madden and NHL have popular Ultimate Team features too, perhaps it’s FIFA’s that is the most intriguing, and definitely has the most worldwide action. This year, if you pre-order FIFA 15 online at BestBuy.ca, or in-store, you’ll get a special Ultimate Team bonus depending on which version you’re picking up.


Pre-Order the standard version and receive up to $15 worth of Ultimate Team content.

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Standard Edition for the PlayStation 4

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Standard Edition for the Xbox One

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Standard Edition for the Xbox 360

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Standard Edition for the PlayStation 3

If you’re a seasoned Ultimate Team gamer, however, you might want to spend the extra to pick up the Ultimate Team Edition.  For only about $10 more (as of article release,) you’ll receive $40 worth of Ultimate Team content.

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition for the PlayStation 4

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition for the Xbox One

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition for the Xbox 360

Pre-Order FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition for the PlayStation 3

Note: Microsoft gamers also get access to the Xbox exclusive FIFA 15 Legends Team (offer applies to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.)

So dig your cleats in, get a good stretch and run out onto the pitch for FIFA 15, releasing here in Canada on September 23rd.




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