While CES isn’t traditionally filled with big game announcements, there are quite a few companies that announce gaming accessories for home consoles. Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest gaming tech announced this year at CES 2021.

New Arcade1Up cabinets announced at CES 2021 

One of the very first gaming announcements out of CES 2021 came from arcade cabinet maker Arcade1Up. A total of six new arcade cabinets were announced along with a four-player pub table.

Dragon’s Lair: A brand new Dragon’s Lair arcade cabinet that is a pretty much a replica of its 1980s counterpart was announced at CES 2021. Not only does it include the arcade classic Dragon’s Lair but also comes with Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp and Space Ace.

X-Men: The classic 1992 beat-em-up is getting a 4 player arcade cabinet. It comes with Wi-Fi capabilities so that you can play with others both online and in-person. And, this cabinet also comes with Captain America and The Avengers along with The Avengers in Galactic Storm.

Killer Instinct: Rare’s arcade classic Killer Instinct is getting the Arcade1Up treatment with its own cabinet. And, much like the other cabinets announced, this one comes with additional games: Killer Instinct 2, Battletoads Arcade and Battletoads/Double Dragon. And, like X-Men, the Killer Instinct cabinet comes equipped with Wi-Fi for online play.


Additionally, Arcade1Up unveiled its new Legacy Edition line. The first three in the new line honour Atari, Capcom, and Namco with Tempest, Street Fighter II and Pac-Man cabinets. Each of the three cabinets comes with 12 games each from the respective companies. You can pre-order these new Legacy Edition cabinets from Best Buy at the links below.

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Finally, Arcade1Up revealed its Pong 4-Player Pub Table. It comes with eight licensed Atari games including Pong, Pong Doubles, Quadra Pong, Pong Sports, Warlords, Circus Atari, Tempest and Super Breakout.

Otterbox gaming peripherals for Xbox

With the advent of 5G and the growing popularity of cloud gaming services such as Xbox’s Project xCloud, OtterBox announced a lineup of gaming accessories compatible with Xbox Wireless Controllers and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 at CES 2021. Known as one of the most trusted and most reliable mobile accessory makers, OtterBox introduced a mobile gaming phone clip, Xbox easy grip controller shell, a controller carrying case, a  heat-dissipating case, and smartphone screen protector.

  • Mobile Gaming Clip: The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip attaches your smartphone to your Xbox Wireless Controller. It’s adjustable, which allows you to get the right angle and balance based on your preferences. Additionally, the Mobile Gaming Clip can also be used as a table-top stand and folds down for compact travel. The Mobile Gaming Clip works with virtually all smartphones, with or without a protective case.
  • Easy Grip Controller Shell: The Easy Grip Controller Shell provides protection for your Xbox Wireless Controller on the go. It allows you to personalize the look and feel of your controller while still giving your complete access to all buttons and triggers.
  • Gaming Carry Case: The OtterBox Gaming Carry Case is designed to safely store your controller. And, it guards your analogue sticks and triggers from damage during transport.
  • Easy Grip Gaming Case: The Easy Grip Gaming Case is made to game on the go. It uses cool-to-touch materials to keep your mobile phone protected and cool.
  • Gaming Glass Privacy Guard: The OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard is made up of scratch-resistant glass. Furthermore, it provides an industry-first screen privacy in landscape orientation. It also boasts an antimicrobial agent that blocks microbial growth and will be available for the latest iPhone devices.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo Controller Charging Station for Xbox

At CES 2021, HyperX revealed an officially licensed Xbox controller charger. Called the HyperX ChargePlay Duo, it’s compatible with both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One wireless controllers. It comes with two 1400mAH rechargeable battery packs and has a weighted base for stability and a quick docking design. Finally, the base has LED indicators that display charging status for each controller.

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That about wraps things up! A whole lot was shown and announced at CES 2021 aside from gaming. Make sure to check out the blog for all all the biggest CES 2021 announcements including computer tech, appliances, TVs and more.

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  1. So nice to see arcade 1up putting out X-Men arcade. I still remember walking into my local arcade and seeing its huge double screen and 4 people playing at the same time. It will be a party favourite for sure!

  2. It’s so nice to see the 4-player X-men arcade cabinet from 1up! I remember first seeing it in the arcade back in 1992, and its big dual screen was so impressive. It will be a party favourite for sure.

  3. Cool
    Our own Arcade
    The kids sure will visit us now
    Bring back the good old days spending hours in the arcade

  4. I remember playing Pong. It’s great they are bringing back some of the favourite games from the past.

  5. I used to love going to the arcade for gaming. I wish my kids had that opportunity. Nothing like standing in front of that big game and playing your heart out.

  6. Arcade1Up is one of my favourite gaming companies and that X-Men cabinet is bringing back all kinds of nostalgia; spent a lot of quarters back in the day!

  7. New generation these days are all on smartphones and tablets but this brings back memories of my youth when youngsters would visit the arcade and have dates through gaming ♡

  8. I absolutely love arcade games, would love to have one of my own, use to spend hours playing them. A lot better fun that kids walking the streets getting themselves in trouble.

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