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Today, at E3 2021, the Intellivision Amico made its E3 debut. In a video presentation, Intellivision CEO/President and video game industry veteran, Tommy Tallarico showcased the company’s upcoming family friendly console to the masses. We learned that the name Amico is actually an Italian word for “friend” or “buddy” and the Intellivision Amico is built as a family friendly video game console that promotes fun, value and togetherness.

The Intellivision Amico isn’t meant to compete with the latest video game consoles. It’s a really fun and simple party machine that can be played with non-gaming friends and family members. All games on Amico are built around fun and simplicity, so that everyone can enjoy them. And, the Intellivision team is composed of industry veterans with over 600 years experience making some of the best games. So you can expect high quality and fun games.

Hardware built around simplicity and fun

The Intellivision Amico philosophy of keeping things simple and fun is incorporated into the actual hardware itself. The Amico comes with 2 wireless, easy-to-Use, controllers featuring a colour-touchscreen, motion controls, 64 directional disc and buttons, interactive LED lights, speaker, microphone and force feedback.

Additionally, the console and controllers feature interactive led lighting. This adds a whole new level of immersion into games. Moreover, the Amico has RFID. This means you can get an Amico gift card and tap it on the system and it shows up on the menu. And, if you need more controllers, there is a free downloadable controller app you can use on your smartphone for up to 8 players.


Unique features of the Amico controller

Tommy demonstrated the unique features of the Amico controller in upcoming games such as Shark! Shark!, where the person’s controller who is in last place vibrates. On that Amico controller’s screen, you’ll see the colour of the next clam that will release the next big bonus pearl. Another example of the unique abilities of the Amico controller shown was in Farkle, an Amico pack in game, where you can shake your controller and feel the dice moving around. And, when you pour it out, the dice come right onto the screen.

Many of the sports and recreational games on Amico will use motion controls to make things easier for casual gamers. Games like Cornhole, which is another game that comes free with the Amico, uses motion controls to throw the bean bag into the hole.

However, quite possibly the most unique feature of the Amico controller that I am most excited about is the ability to bring my controller over to a friend’s house and play all my games. All you have to do is dock it in a friend’s system and all the games that I have purchased are playable. How cool is that? And, Amico controllers feature wireless automatic charging. Just place them on top of the Amico and they will automatically charge.


Extensive library of physical and digital games

In addition to games being able to be downloaded digitally on the Amico, Tommy revealed that there will be physical versions of some Amico games. Digital games for purchase on Amico will cost $9.99 USD or less and physical games will cost $19.99 USD at launch. Parents and families won’t have to worry about bad language, graphic violence, blood or sexual content on Amico. Every game on the system is rated E for Everyone or E10+

Furthermore, there will not be any ads, downloadable content, loot boxes or in-game purchases on Amico games. Most games will feature an online leaderboard system, which allows you to check your scores and see where you rank in your province, country and around the world. The Amico library of games will be extensive and include sports & recreation, educational & brain games, party games & retro classics and your favorite table games. There truly is something for everyone on Amico.

Every game on Amico is exclusive or contains exclusive content

All the games on Amico are designed to be fun to play. They are all highly curated, contain single and multiplayer modes and all the games are exclusive or contain exclusive content. For example, games in the Retro reimagined category, which takes some of the greatest classic video games of all time and adds new graphics, audio and multiplayer modes.

Some of the games in the Retro reimagined category on Amico you can look forward to include Breakout, Asteroids, Tempest, Missile Command, Burger Time, Bump ‘n’ Jump. There are also Edutainment games on Amico for children 7 and under that include Sesame Street and Care bears.

The Amico will also have brand-new and original games built around the unique features of the Amico controller. Games in this category include Finnigan Fox, Bomb Squad, Space Strikers and Flying Tigers. And, the Intellivision team got the original makers of Ecco the Dolphin to make a brand-new game on Amico called Dolphin Quest. These are just a few of the games that you’ll see on the Intellivision Amico.


Intellivision Amico launches 10-10-2021

It’s clear to see, the Intellivision Amico is a gaming system that is fun for the whole family. Its games will be fun and easy to pick up and play for everyone, regardless of their skill level. There are so many great games that I’m excited to play and can’t wait to get my hands on.

Look for my full hands-on review of Intellivision Amico when it launches this fall on October 10, 2021. Stay tuned to the Best Buy Blog for the latest information on Amico. And, be the first to know when you can pre-order Amico from Best Buy Canada.

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Jon Scarr
Jon is the Gaming Editor and is based in Toronto. He is a proud Canadian who has a serious passion for gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry with over 20 years experience. You can often find Jon streaming the latest games on his YouTube channel. Jon loves to talk about gaming and tech, come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Threads @4ScarrsGaming and @4Scarrsgaming on Instagram.


  1. Hi Jon,

    Is this being sold in-store at bricks and mortar Best Buy locations? I can’t wait until this October to pick up mine, if so. Thanks.

  2. Now this is a unique addition to the gaming market. Anyone who tries to join the standard console wars is, I think, foolishly optimistic at best – but if a company has the nerve to go off on an even stranger path than Nintendo is wont to do, then you have the chance to find gamers who are themselves wandering around looking for something different.

    At its heart, I love the local multiplayer requirement; not an option: a requirement! This could really become a great “go see your friends again” gift for kids coming out of stay-at-home.

  3. This might possibly be the BEST solution for a gift for my little nephew. He is a gamer at heart and desperately wants a console but the family tends towards a somewhat sheltered and simple existence. Entertainment on their farm is typically an evening of card games or sitting around listening to dad play the banjo. This would give my nephew a chance to play video games at home and the rest of his family might even enjoy playing these types of games with him as well.

    • Looks totally fun, great idea. The name reminds me of one of the first video games 40 yrs ago that we had

  4. Intellivision will always have a place in my heart, since the ColecoVision was one of my first gaming systems to play with :).

    Glad to hear it’s trying to find a niche to fill in the industry.

  5. Ok I was going to pile on here and make a joke about this being ColecoVision part II (did I just show my age?),but the part about no ads, downloadable content, loot boxes or in-game purchases it’s such a fantastic idea! That in itself makes it family friendly, although the name is not. I don’t see a kid telling their parents they want the Intellivision Amico.

  6. I think it is a really good thing that they are setting their expectations properly by saying it is not meant to compete with the latest consoles and see it more as a party system for friends and family who do not really play games. It seems like a sort of Wii situation where the controller is the real selling point of the system, allowing everyone, regardless of skill level, to jump right in and have fun. Allowing people to use their smartphones as controllers is a really good idea that further cements that accessibility and casual player focus.

    I do worry though, about the promise of there being exclusive content in all of their games. I think this may limit the amount of games that the console will get as companies/developers may be put off by the effort it will take to do that on a very new console that does not have the install base/name recognition the other consoles have. The again, exclusive content might be a really small thing that does not necessarily take a ton of work, but that kind of diminishes the “exclusive content” promise.

    I remember Tommy Tallarico from Reviews on the Run, so it is cool to see him doing things more directly in the games industry again.

  7. Looks really fun. I think they have a lot of great games coming. I can tell that you are excited for it to arrive.

    Thanks Jon, I look forward to seeing what you think when you get it!

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