Nintendo Switch Lite

Last week, Nintendo of Canada invited select gaming media for a special VIP hands-on session with their upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite handheld system. Taking place a few days before the opening of Fan Expo 2019, I spent a good 60 minutes with the upcoming piece of hardware and was impressed.

60-minute hands-on session

Typically, I play around 90% of Switch games in handheld mode and the other 10% docked. One of the selling points of the Nintendo Switch Lite is that it’s lighter and more portable. The Nintendo Switch Lite has a slightly smaller screen, 5.5 inches versus 6.2 inches. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch Lite is about 120 grams lighter.

Nintendo Switch Lite


During my 60-minute session with the Switch Lite, I had the opportunity to try out the new handheld with two of this Fall’s hottest games: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion 3. Having already played Luigi’s Mansion 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening at E3 2019 this past June, my main focus was on the Switch Lite itself.

Nintendo Switch Lite

It’s compact, light and feels great in my hands

To be honest, I’ve never had an issue or complaint with the size of the Nintendo Switch. From day 1, it has felt great in my hands. However, the moment I picked up the Switch Lite it was a totally different story. Compared to the Nintendo Switch, all the face buttons, shoulder buttons and analog sticks are more accessible. Additionally, the Switch Lite has a traditional d-pad and it felt great.

Moreover, the screen on the Switch Lite looks equally as gorgeous as the OG model. And, the smaller screen size is not noticeable at all. Not once did I feel like anything was cut off the screen or crammed in. Furthermore, the Switch Lite is a bit lighter and that makes carrying it around that much easier.

Nintendo Switch Lite


The build quality of the Switch Lite felt great. Out of the 3 Switch Lite launch colours announced, I initially favoured teal. After seeing all 3 in person, not only do I like the teal Switch Lite but I also like the way the yellow Switch Lite looks. There is something inexplicable about it that just draws me to it.

It is perfect for portable gaming

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, my 60 minutes with the Switch Lite had come to an end. Before leaving the event, I was asked what I thought of the Switch Lite. I came to the conclusion that I actually preferred the Switch Lite over the OG model. It’s perfect for portable gaming, it’s light weight, feels more comfortable in my hands and all the buttons and analog sticks are more accessible.

Nintendo Switch Lite


The Nintendo Switch Lite launches in just a few short weeks

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches in a few short weeks on September 20, 2019. If you are looking for more of the technical specs, pricing and games on the Switch Lite, check out my Nintendo Switch Lite announcement article from earlier this month.

Look for my full review right here on the Best Buy blog in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions. I’ll answer your questions the best that I can.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

Jon Scarr
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  1. Hi Jon,
    I have the original switch and I bring it to work to play in down time. One of the problems that I have is carrying it around and trying to look professional. Will this new lite version fit in my blazer or suite pocket?

  2. We have a switch right now and one of the main complaints my kids have is the size when not docked. I like the idea of a slightly smaller version. Any feedback on the size for kids? Second question is on integration with other switch units. Will this connect with other switch devices for co-op play?

  3. I was always drawn towards the yellow model. It reminds me of a question block in Mario or the colour of the triforce from Zelda, and with no Zelda: Link’s Awakening model coming in September I am even more drawn to the yellow model, Thanks Jon for making us even more excited about the new Nintendo Switch Lite!

    • You are quite welcome Ian. I’m really looking forward to getting a Switch Lite and spending more time with it.

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