Godfall is a looter-slasher, melee action-RPG all rolled into one for PlayStation 5. Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, it features fluid, dynamic and interactive melee combat gameplay. Requiring a constant online connection to play, Godfall is not a games-as-service title and does not have any type of microtransactions whatsoever.

Does Godfall have what it takes to achieve god-like status or does it falter like a mere mortal hoping to achieve greatness? Let’s find out!

Godfall Details

Platform(s): PlayStation 5
Developer(s): Counterplay Games
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Genre: Action role-playing game
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating:  T (Teen)

Stop Macros from ascending to God status and creating a major apocalyptic event

Godfall takes place in a mythical place known as Aperion, a land on the precipice of ruin. You assume the role of Orin, the last of the Valorian knights. And possess god-like warrior abilities and are able to equip Valorplates, legendary armour sets that transform you into an unstoppable master of melee combat.

You must fight through Earth, Water and Air realms tearing through foes to make it to the top and stop your brother Macros from ascending to God status and creating a major apocalyptic event. Given that Godfall is a brand new IP I enjoyed partaking in the struggle between two brothers, Orin and Macros and watching it play out across the many realms of Aperion.

I really wouldn’t classify the game’s story as breathtaking or even epic but it does a good job of introducing us to Orin and Macros and explaining the ongoing struggle between the two brothers.


Melee combat with a variety of weapons and skills to master and learn

Godfall is a looter-slasher, melee action-RPG game all rolled into one. The game favours melee combat over ranged combat. This makes for fast action up and close combat using a wide variety of weapons and abilities. In all, there are five weapon classes, each that have their own unique playstyles.

These include a variety of Longswords, Warhammers, Greatswords, Polearms and Dual Blades to master. Furthermore, there are 12 Valorplates to unlock that give you even greater powers in your quest to stop Macros. Moreover, Godfall has a skill tree that allows you to level up and learn new skills. Don’t like the path you’ve chosen? Not a problem! At any point in the game you can reset your skills to cater to your own playstyle.

Each realm has a series of story, hunt and explore missions for you to play. And, some story missions require a certain amount of elements to unlock. This means that in order to progress in Godfall, you’ll have to play more than just the story missions. Smart move Counterplay Games! If you are up for the challenge to unlock even more loot, the Tower of Trials awaits. Although your enemies put up quite a fight, the reward of top-tier loot makes it worth it.


Average gameplay with post story content

As great as the weapons, armour, loot and the ability to expand skills via a skill tree are in the game, for better or worse, Godfall‘s gameplay boils down to hack-and-slash. Sure you can add combos and fancy magic to your attack patterns but if you are expecting more out of the game, you will be disappointed.

I’m not saying that Godfall‘s gameplay is bad or anything, it’s just that many people I have talked to about the game expected it to be more. What that “more” is exactly, I am not sure. In fact, for the most part, I enjoyed my time with Godfall. While I can’t say that I played hours on end at a time but when I played for an hour or two each gaming session, it was quite enjoyable.

After you defeat Macros, there are a total of 9 Dreamstones endgame missions which are split into two acts each. The purpose of these missions are to allow you to further max out your character’s stats and collect loot. By the time you have completed them, you’ll be ready for the game’s ultimate challenge—a variant of Tower of Trials.


Truly next-generation visuals

Godfall is perhaps the most beautiful game at launch on PlayStation 5. Everything about it screams next-generation. From the astonishing particle effects to the beautiful landscapes and incredible detailed characters, nothing else current on the market looks as good.

The game features two modes for in-game performance: Favour Performance and Favour Resolution. Favour Performance runs between 1080p and 1440p with 60 frames-per-second. On the other hand, Favour Resolution targets 4K and 30-45 frames-per-second. Regardless of which mode you play in, Godfall looks gorgeous.

The DualSense Wireless Controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers have been put to good use. You can feel the terrain shifting beneath your feed as you slash and dodge enemies around you. And, the adaptive triggers allow you to feel the resistance and clashing of swords as you fight. The DualSense continues to be a decisive factor for myself when choosing what platform to play games on.

Online PvE co-op play

Godfall allows you to play with up to 3 other players online in PvE co-op play. Sadly there are no local multiplayer options and does not support match making. That means if you want to play online with others, you’ve got to have friends to invite who have the game.

Hopefully in the near future local multiplayer and online matchmaking comes to the game. It’s sorely missed and would make a great addition to the overall last appeal of the game.

Godfall is a good, not great game, that fans of the genre will enjoy

So, what do I think of Godfall? In the end, I think Godfall is a good game. It’s nothing fancy when it comes to gameplay. It offers a solid hack-and-slash gameplay experience with next-gen graphics and load times. The game has a decent enough storyline with dueling brothers Orin and Macros.

As long as you set your expectations accordingly, Godfall does not disappoint. With that being said, I’d love to see another game with an expanded story, a wider variety of gameplay elements and more multiplayer options.

+ Jaw dropping visuals
+ Wide variety of weapons
+ Good use of DualSense wireless controller
+ Fantastic character design
+ Decent storyline

– No local multiplayer
– Lack of online matchmaking
– No cross play with PC
– Hack-and-slash gameplay can get repetitive


Gameplay: 3/5
Graphics: 4.75/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 3.5/5

Overall Rating 3.7/5 (74%)

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  1. Skipped this one. Just felt like a typical flash in the pan launch title. Hoping for it to be a free ps plus game though. Definitely still want to give it a shot! Thanks for the review!

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