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Pre-order FarCry 4 to receive bonus missions, as well as the ‘Impaler Harpoon Gun’ (as if ‘Harpoon Gun’ wasn’t enough), and ‘Butcher’s Machete’.

 A franchise who have made a thing of ‘self directed vengeance in the open world’ Far Cry has managed to achieve many of the promises the ‘open world’ genre made before falling quietly to the wayside. Along with games like GTA, stretching back to the early 2000’s open world experiences were everywhere, shame they’re really hard to make properly. Well Far Cry survived, and lucky us!  Now we have a gun toting romp through the Himalayas… and here’s me terrified of heights.

Release Date: Nov, 18 2014

Consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC

Rating: M


Certainly one of the big boy games announced during this years E3, Far Cry 4 was greeted with uproarious applause, and with good reason. Far Cry 3 was ‘another’ adventure on a deserted island, shooting lots of bad guys game, following the stunning Tomb Raider reboot. Turns out fighting pirates and the criminally insane within a semi tropical Pacific climate doesn’t get old, as both did very well. With Far Cry 3 we got a stunning wide ranging ‘open world’ adventure that stepped it up a notch. I for one liked to pop in just to take down an enemy fort, and that’s without mentioning the glorious driving mechanic. Something about ripping around dirt roads in a quasi paradise in low slung, farty engine, bush-cars spoke to me in a way that has me thinking I might have had a previous life somewhere in South America.

So good it was possible to ignore the fact that the people being saved were total nobs and hardly worth the loss of life, Far Cry 3 provided a great deal of exploration, treasure hunting, and various shootery gameplay. Then there was Blood Dragon. Talk about fingers on the pulse, the folks at Ubi were onto an eighties retro trend before it had even reached social climax, and totally capitalized.  Blood Dragon, the stand alone DLC was the perfect love letter to the eighties action flick, and a real treat to play. Over and above for DLC, they had me at Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon got them in my good graces for life.

Now there’s Far Cry 4. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel like there has been enough time for them to slap together another one, and yet here it is. E3 features a bunch of content, including some trailers that confirmed that this is indeed a Far Cry game. Complete with a dramatically stunning backdrop, fully eccentric and insane bad guy, and an increased verticality.  Far Cry 4 looks like I’m going to fall off the map and into Nepal (?) for quite awhile. Though there will be last generation (Xbox 360, PS3) releases of this title, I think Far Cry 4 is probably one best left to the new kids, or, you know, good ole PC. The extra beefy hardware was very apparent in a lot of games this E3, and Far Cry, always staggeringly good looking for an open world game, was one of these. 

Far Cry 4 stood out amongst the crowd because it broke some ground at E3, also.  In a partnership with PlayStation Plus, it was announced that friends who hadn’t bought the game would be able to jump into coop sessions. Forget that this is an unprecedented move that stands to change things (you can’t go back once it’s been let out of the bag), but as a move to draw attention and sales? Thinking outside the box and letting quality speak for itself… its everything I have hoped for since the whole ‘ownership rights’ and ‘creative content’ debate started. How much you want to bet this thing sells demonstratively better for letting people have access for free? Save your pennies, history speaks for itself.

An open world adventure with what I’m sure will be a lot of nerve inducing verticality (climbing, rickety bridges, controlled falls down extreme heights) as well as a cause to champion and an evil jerk to depose, pre-order with BestBuy.ca and receive some bonus goodies. Pre-order specfic missions, as well as the ‘Impaler Harpoon Gun’ (as if ‘Harpoon Gun’ wasn’t enough), and ‘Butcher’s Machete’. I’m not sure about you, but Harpoon Guns tend to garner my attention.

Far Cry 4 is available now for preorder, and don’t forget the special Far Cry 4 Kryat Edition.  Once again, please note that the Pre-Order bonus is only available online.

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