World War II has been a popular focus in games… particularly games where you shoot people (and yes, cynical types, there are ‘other kinds’ of games). Mostly likely because it was arguably the last war with a definitive ‘good guy / bad guy’ angle, and the Third Reich was so easy to hate. This time we have Enemy Front, up coming FPS with a Crytek powered open world. Like shooting Nazis? Of course you do.

Release Date: June 10, 2014

Consoles: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Genre Rating: Open-world FPS / M

If you had asked me a week or so ago what the most played out genre in gaming was, the one that’d be thoroughly tread and devoid of any novelty or fresh ideas, I’d have said WWII Shooter, no hesitation.  I’d have been pretty confident too, but, this isn’t a week ago and I’m often wrong.  Arriving  June 10th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, its Enemy Front, and it might be the first in a long time to bring something new to a WWII first person shooter.

They’re calling it ‘the first truly modern WWII FPS’  (I’ll just give you a moment to appreciate the irony / humor of that statement) but they might just be onto something. There can be no denying people like shooting stuff, particularly Nazis, from a first person perspective. I myself LOVE a great FPS campaign, one of the best and most important games in history (Half-Life 2) was the FPS, it’s just that the whole genre was co-opted by the multiplayer thing and left largely underutilized for the past five or six years. The other criticism of the FPS is the whole ‘corridor shooter’ phenomenon, or, put another way ‘go here, shoot this, go there, shoot that’.  Now, if you’ve got a war, and a weapon, wouldn’t it be more fun to explore an open world and take on your targets as you’d like? Can you sense me getting to the point?

Enemy Front is an Open World FPS, and while I’m sure such a thing has existed before, I can’t easily put my finger on it, which still manages to make my point.  Players take the helm as Robert Hawkins, war correspondent, and American on the wrong side of enemy lines. Developers CI Games are quick to distance themselves from the scripted nature of the ‘go there, shoot that’ thing I mentioned up top, and instead are boasting a player driven experience. Do you like to run and gun?  Cool. Snipe from afar? Fantastic. Are you more of a sneaky saboteur? Get in there and stab some Nazis. Helping the resistance (and getting the scoop of the decade!) Robert will roam the European countryside rendered by Crytek’s Cry Engine, which makes it the envy of all digitally rendered European countryside’s, fighting the good fight. From the Warsaw Uprising, to the frontlines across France, Germany and the Netherlands CI games is making a point of the ‘historically accurate’ angle… and while FPS fans might not give a fig, the WWII nuts certainly do. This trailer should give you a little taste. I have to say, the slow shots of the sniping got to me, this looks like something I could enjoy. 

Exclusive to Best Buy, Pre-order online (and that is an online specific exclusive) and get some bonus goodies. The Enemy Assault Pack comes with special character skin, the SS Storm Trooper (because if you’re going to be the bad guy, might as well be the worst of the worst) and unique weapons the FG42 Machinegun. So game fans, Pre-order, and June 10th take the fight to the baddies, and start a war on the Enemy Front.

Online Pre-Order for the PS3

Online Pre-order for the Xbox 360

Kurtis Diston
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