Far Cry 6

Recently, I was invited by Ubisoft Canada for an early hands-on preview of Far Cry 6. This was the very first time Far Cry 6 was made playable and capturable. And, I spent over 4.5 hours with a PC build of the game, using the PARSEC remote streaming solution on my PC from the comfort of my home.

I would love to be able to share with you the entire 4.5 hour session. However, that is not possible. As a result, I’ve created a 30 minute montage from various points to give you a variety of gameplay and a good idea of my experience.

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**Please note, Far Cry 6 is still under development and a work in progress.**

Far Cry 6 Details

Platform(s): Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Amazon Luna and Stadia
Release Date: October 7, 2021
Developer(s): Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: First-person shooter
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Modern-day guerrilla revolution

Far Cry 6 plunges you into the heart of a modern day guerrilla revolution taking place in Yara. Frozen in time for more than 50 years, this isolated Caribbean island is now controlled by a ruthless dictator and self-proclaimed leader of the true Yarans—Anton Castillo. You play as Dani Rojas, a young military drop out, who is playable as male or female.

Dani’s only desire is to flee the island. However, after a series of unexpected events, Dani gets swept up in the guerrilla movement. Called Libertad, this movement is set to shape the future of Yara.

Rebuild paradise

During my time with Far Cry 6, I learned more about Anton Castillo’s vision and how he means to deliver on his promise to rebuild paradise. His master plan is based on one idea, Viviro. Derived from biohacked tobacco leaves, Viviro is a unique and powerful cancer treatment. As a result, this is a treatment that Castillo aims to wield as a bargaining chip on the global stage.

Each region in Yara plays a distinct role in Viviro’s production and suffers from forced labour, crippling pollution, land appropriation and military brutality. As a result, resources are scarce and access to technology is limited. Guerilla’s have to fight and adapt with what they have at their disposal against Anton’s army.

Becoming a resolver guerrilla relies on 3 things: arsenal, finding better gear, and your rank.

Far Cry 6

Character arsenal

First, your arsenal is at the heart of your abilities. You manage your offensive abilities through the choices you make at the workbenches scattered around Yara. From armour piercing rounds that penetrate helmets, to crafted suppressors to remain undetected, perfecting your arsenal is the key to your success in Far Cry 6.

Finding better gear

Finding better gear is also critical to your success in the game. From helmets to shoes, you find gear by exploring the world, completing missions or by buying them in a black market. Each piece of gear comes with offensive or defensive abilities. For example, if you want to be a sniper, you need to find the right gloves and headgear to steady your aim.

Guerrilla rank

Winning a guerrilla war in a divided country requires patience, empathy, and problem solving skills. For example, by completing missions you will be promoted to higher ranks, giving you access to better gear and weapons. However, as you get stronger, so does Anton. He deploys more and more reinforcements to keep his grip on the island.

Everything impacts gameplay

As a citizen, turned guerrilla fighter, your abilities come from the weapons and items you carry. As a result, Dani is constructed around arsenal and gear as opposed to physical traits and aptitude. This allows for more customization than any previous game in the series. From each piece of gear you wear to the customizations of your weapons or your vehicle, everything impacts gameplay.

Co-op play

Far Cry 6 is fully playable in co-op with a friend or through public matchmaking. And, both players are able to keep their character progression.

Far Cry 6 hands-on

My hands-on session with Far Cry 6 began about 20 minutes into the game on the island of Santuario. This island is isolated from Yara’s mainland and shelters the few remaining rebels. As a result, it’s a great place to learn the ropes of guerrilla warfare and to learn Far Cry 6‘s new features. On Santuario I met key characters like Clara Garcia, the leader of Libertad, and Juan the spy master, who taught me everything I needed to know about resolver guerrilla warfare.

After liberating Santuario island from the blockade, I was teleported further into the game—El Este, one of the three regions of Yara’s mainland. This region is filled with mountains, dense jungles, and coffee plantations. As part of the demo, more weapons, attachments, vehicle parts, gadgets and resolver weapons were unlocked. Equally important, Chorizo, the loveable wiener dog, who distracts enemies with his cuteness was unlocked.

My first mission on El Este was to make contact with El Tigre and the Legends of 67—a group of ex guerrillas. At this point, I got access to one of the new features in Far Cry 6, the guerrilla camp. This is where you can pick up missions, customize your gear and vehicles and build the guerrilla movement.

Far Cry 6 launches October 7, 2021

When Far Cry 6 was announced earlier this year, I was excited to play it. Now, after spending more than 4.5 hours with the game, I truly can’t wait to get my hands on a final copy of the game. I love the fact that you can play Far Cry 6 co-op with a friend or through public matchmaking. Another key point, I think it’s great that both players are able to keep their character progression.

I’m also excited to get more time utilizing guerrilla camps. For example, you can build a facility to get better weapons from the black market. And you can develop a hideout network to get easier access to various areas. Finally, I really like that Dani is constructed around arsenal and gear as opposed to physical traits and aptitude.

Far Cry 6 launches October 7, 2021 and will be available for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Amazon Luna and Stadia.

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