Nintendo is good at local multiplayer games. The Switch is the perfect console to have with friends over. At E3 2018, I had fun with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Overcooked 2.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The only Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video we saw prior to E3 2018 is a teaser showing Splatoon’s Inklings and the Super Smash Bros. logo. Shadows of other characters appear at the end, but no official lineup was out. Now we know who’s going to be in Super Smash Bros. on Switch, and that’s all 60+ characters from all previous Super Smash Bros. games, some with alternate persona. That’s massive! Characters such as Mario, Link and StarFox are updated with their latest game costumes. Not only they look better than ever, but they have new attack moves and final smashes.

Splatoon’s characters Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl will be there in all colours and costumes, and that’s one on my highlights. I love them since the first Splatoon game on Wii U. Its a given they are fit for what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is about. Inklings signature moves such as the splatter shot, bomb, roller and killer wail affect all challenger’s movement and power abilities. I played a couple rounds with Inkling Girl to try it out. The roller was my favorite power. It slows everyone down for a moment except for us. Used properly, it gives players the right opening to fight back. With proper training, you’ll know how to proceed and escape in squid form.

Don’t miss Super Smash Bros. Ultimate out December 7 for the Nintendo Switch.

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Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 was one of my favorite games at the Nintendo booth. I had the chance to play with three friends on site, and we laughed the whole time. Our kitchen was so crowded, not only with us but with NPCs as well.

I played three levels where we prepared sushi, salad and hamburgers. Our favorite one took us on air-balloon. The kitchen was compact, and between fish cutting, plate washing and rice cooking, we had to keep an eye on the edges. Moments later, the balloon explodes, and we crash. I thought we failed, but it took us to the second part of the level.

All kitchen has something fun to add to the mix. One of them was divided in three sections. Stairs were moving around, and portal doors took us from the left to the far right. This is where I used the throw ability. In charge of hamburger buns, tomato and salad, I threw them out at the middle section instead of losing time walking there.

Overcooked 2 is a fun indie game available August 7.

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  1. The more I see of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the more interested I am in trying it. I can’t imagine the rights issues they had with trying to get all those 3rd party characters back in the game.

    Overcooked 2 also looks pretty cool. I have yet to play the first one, but I think I’ll keep an eye on this franchise.

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