Microsoft invited press members to a showcase event for an exclusive look at the games announced at the conference. As we entered the Microsoft Theatre, all gaming stations were waiting for us on stage. The television screens you saw during the show, those are the ones we played on today.

There were dozens of games available to play on the site, from indie games to the most anticipated ones. Because I didn’t get the chance to play it at release, I spent a couple minutes into the post-apocalyptic world of action-RPG NieR: Automata – Become as Gods Edition.

But, the game I fought for was Forza Horizon 4. I needed to get a hands-on. There was a full car setup for the best gaming experience, and this is where I headed.

The ultimate setup for a realistic feeling

I had the opportunity to play on a personalized game station. I was seated into a cockpit built to mimic all movements in game. The wheel and pedals complete the realistic feeling of my driving session. Overall, it went pretty well!

Driving through dynamic seasons

I’m a Forza Horizon fan for several years now. I love driving in open spaces and visit exotic locations. This year, Forza Horizon 4 brings players to Britain. Not only that, but we’ll drive under dynamic conditions. Each race will take place during spring, summer, autumn or winter. As a Quebecer, I couldn’t wait to see how my driving experience would carry over to the icy roads of Forza Horizon 4.

I was bragging about mastering the icy portion of the demo, but really, it’s hard! I felt the ice drifting my car on the side, and this is when my first accident happened. The road is rough, and I felt it all thanks to the booth’s setup. The demo introduced dynamic seasons changing within the race. I loved the summer season tryout. Colors are bright, and I passed by motorbikes. It gives the impression we might be able to race all together in Forza Horizon 4.

Although I was only driving, I could see the festival location in the background. The environment is rich, the road crowded with other drivers and now, fences are more destructible than I remember from previous games. Horizon gives players a lot of freedom as they explore the spectacular open world environment of Britain with native 4K and HDR graphics.

I can’t wait for Forza Horizon 4, coming on Xbox One and PC on October 2.

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