Destiny 2’s big year-two expansion is almost here

At the Activision booth, I had an appointment to play Destiny 2: Forsaken. Thinking I’d only play the new multiplayer mode called Gambit, I was glad to spend 20 minutes into the new solo campaign content as well.

The team introduced us to Forsaken’s first mission. I was glad to help Cayde-6 as we progressed into deserted factories filled with aliens. Some of them built hives we need to destroy. That’s when I thought aliens in Destiny act like insects. They come in waves, all together and run to us as soon as we’re on sight.

The solo experience made me feel useful. The game is engaging, and I smiled at my commander’s comments on my prudent approach style. I like to hide and shoot behind as much cover as possible. It takes longer to clear a room, but it’s okay. To each his own, right?

An introduction to Gambit mode

Forsaken also features an all-new competitive and collaborative endgame activity called Gambit, a new multiplayer game mode I had the opportunity to try out today. It offers a hybrid multiplayer experience where people play versus each other in PvP or the computer in PvE.

The match puts 8 players into two teams of four. The object of the game is to summon a Primeval enemy. The winning team is the first to burn it down. On the map, we see eight players and dozens of alien enemies. When they die, they drop Motes. We need to collect and bring them to the center structure. The more we bank, the better. It takes 75 Motes to summon the Primeval, and banking 5, 10 or 15 Motes at once gives us Blockers.

Gambit is so fun to play. If you’re used to action shooter games, you’ll be more than capable to help the team even if you’re far from being a pro gamer. We travel to multiple locations on the map, depending on where the aliens appear. We never really fight the opposing team, at least from what I saw. Its more a competition to collect as much Motes as possible and create diversion with blockers to slow the other team down. So, who’s team is going to defeat the Primeval first?

Destiny 2: Forsaken will be available on September 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. I loved the original Destiny! I put so many hours into that after I bought it. To be honest, I kind of fell off of Destiny 2 after getting through the campaign. This new DLC looks interesting, and it might just be what brings me back to the game.

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