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Last night at E3 2015 gave us the ingural PC Gaming Show, and event celebrating PC gaming culture, and giving us a look at the future of PC games and tech. The show was filled with notable PC gaming luminaries who showed new gameplay demos, discussed the makings of their hit games, and also saw a few world premiere game trailers. Come with me as we take a look at the highlights!

Before getting into the conference, Anthony (from our French blog, Branche-Toi) and I took a moment to take a photo with the huge “PC” letters in the front lobby. It was fun to capture the moment, and afterwards the organizers gave us two printed copies of the photo! 

PC Gaming Show E3 - 4.jpgOnce the show began, the first game to catch my eye was the gorgeous (and gory) Killing Floor 2. This is a first-person shooter game where your gun can literally blow up your enemies, causing guts and goo to spray everywhere. The developers discussed the new tech behind the game, including the improved physic mechanics that allow them make the monster splatter into itty bitty pieces.

Next up, famed PC developer Tripwire took the stage to announce Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a new follow-up to Rising Storm, now set in the Vietname War era. The trailer showed epic, large-scale scale battle including air combat using helicopters. Following that was a teaser from Creative Assembly for Total War Warhammer, a game that combines elements of the Total War and Warhammer franchises.


PC Gaming Show E3 - 3.jpgThe head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was next up, and introduced Fable Legends multiplayer, a game that lets you choose to play as a hero or a villain. The game will be free-to-play, and will let you and your friends play together regardless if it’s on PC or Xbox One. Lots of content and quests will be available right out of the box, and Microsoft said that more content will be added free over time.

PC Gaming Show E3 - 5.jpgMicrosoft also took this opportunity to announced that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will also be released on PC. Initially announced for just Xbox One, this is a remastered version of the original Gears of War game that released in 2006. It will have 1080p graphics, and silky smooth 60 frames-per-second gameplay!
PC Gaming Show E3 - 6.jpgThe developers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided came out next to discuss the amazing PC technology used to make the game. It’s powered by the Dawn Engine and using new DirectX12 tech to create the most realisic graphics ever seen in a Deus Ex game. A brief demo was shown, letting us see just how meticulously detailed the environments are, and they noted that this games contains the most objects on-screen they’ve ever been able to produce.

PC Gaming Show E3 - 7.jpgThe last high came when the CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, took the opportunity to talk about their products specifically designed for PC gamers. Su said that they are constantly speaking with game developers to see what their needs are for the next year, next few years, and beyond, to use that knowledge when producing their powerful graphics cards. Also, with the expansion of eSport and VR technology, AMD is looking at solutions to power these next evolutions of PC gaming.

Well, that’s the highlights of the first-ever PC Gaming at E3! There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re a PC gamer, that’s for sure.

Did you watch the PC Gaming Show press conference? Be sure to share your thoughts on the PC game and tech announcements in the comments section below!

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