CES-Mobile-BannerThis year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has gone all virtual, but that hasn’t stopped an abundance of tech announcements, particularly with gaming and mobile technology. The largest technology show of its kind didn’t disappoint this year despite moving to an online format. Let’s look at some of the biggest mobile gaming announcements and innovations coming out of the show this year.

CES 2021 LenovoLenovo LaVie Mini

Lenovo revealed powerful laptops, desktops and VR solutions. One of the products that really piqued my interest was the LaVie Mini. The Nintendo Switch-like device has a small 8-inch display and can be paired with an included controller for gaming “on-the-go.” The hardware is one of the lightest in Lenovo’s fleet at 1.28 lbs. Mobile innovation like this is sure to continue to put incredible gaming experiences in the palm of your hands.

CES 2021 GalaxyGalaxy S21 Ultra 5G is packed with gaming potential

Samsung saved one of its biggest announcements for last with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Best Buy Blog’s own Ted Kritsonis has a full run down of the entire Galaxy line, but the S21 really stands out for gaming. The Ultraboasts some pretty impressive specs and features that will support your mobile gaming experience. The smartphone sports a 120Hz display with fast touch response and smooth gameplay action.

Galaxy S21’s next-gen network speed  

The S21 also has 5G and Wi-Fi 6E network capability giving you a lighting fast connection while gaming online. This network technology is sure to keep you in the game and keep you going toe-to-toe with your opponents.

The S21’s “Enhanced Game Booster” 

The Ultra’s “Game Booster” has a Priority Mode that blocks calls and notifications while gaming and maximizes the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G performance. The hardware is optimized for the Unity Engine, and automatically adjusts settings for the best experience all while you play.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21+ and S21 are available now

CES 2021 OtterBoxOtterBox levels-up mobile gaming

If you’ve ever used OtterBox products, you’ll know how exciting this news is for the mobile gaming space. The company had made a name for itself with cases, shells, clips and more that protect your tech. When it comes to mobile gaming Xbox has been making huge strides to bring console-like experiences to a smart phone near you. OtterBox has teamed up with the console maker to bring custom made products for “on-the-go” gaming via a selection of products:

Mobile Gaming Clip: The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip attaches your smartphone to your Xbox Wireless Controller. It features “RapidAdjust” allowing for easy “one handed” adjustment during gameplay. You can also detach the arm from the clip and convert it into a tabletop stand.

Easy Grip Controller Shell: The rubberized Easy Grip Controller Shell provides protection for your Xbox Wireless Controller on the go. The slim case contours to the controller for a natural feel. It also comes with two sets of swappable grip pads that allow to personalize the look of shell. The covering also provides access to the battery hatch and doesn’t obstruct any buttons or triggers.

New OtterBox gaming cases at CES

Gaming Carry Case: The Gaming Carry Case is designed to store your controller and acts as a charger and stand. The quick flip screen stand converts into a hub that holds your phone at multiple angles and chargers your controller.

Easy Grip Gaming Case: The Easy Grip Gaming Case has been engineered for gaming on the go providing protection and comfort. It uses CoolVergence heat dissipating technology that reduces risk of phone overheating during gameplay. It also has anti-slip grip edge for comfortable gaming sessions.

Gaming Glass Privacy Guard: The Glass Privacy Guard features a two-way horizontal privacy glass that blocks unwanted viewing. It also boasts OtterBox’s advanced drop protection for shatter resistance to keep you gaming. The protector doesn’t get in the way of you gaming maintaining screen brightness and clarity when applied to your screen.

CES 2021 LG RollUnroll your gaming on the go at CES

Rollable screens have been all the rage over the last few CES events. First appearing in television panels, the technology has now gone mobile. LG gave us an early look at the LG Rollable a smartphone with an expandable display. The device is an early concept, but it looks very promising. Its implications for mobile gaming are big, allowing users to go from a smaller phone screen to a tablet-sized device in seconds. I’m always looking for more screen real-estate to game I’m very excited to see how its rolled out in the future.

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A lot of amazing and innovative tech was announced at CES 2021. Make sure to check out the blog for all the biggest CES 2021 announcements including computer tech, appliances, TVs and more.

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