Top gaming accessories this holiday season

Having the right accessories can make a world of difference when you’re gaming. But how do know which accessories are right for you? A good place to start is customer testimonials—they provide valuable feedback from customers who own the product. Reading customer reviews will give you a better idea of what to expect and can lead to better purchasing decisions. With that in mind, let’s look at some top-rated video game accessories as reviewed by Best Buy customers from across Canada.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

I’ve used a lot of game controllers over the years but few can rival the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This professionally built controller is the perfect accessory to take your Switch gaming to the next level. It features a sturdy, comfortable build with excellent grips and responsive buttons. For games like Zelda BOTW, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Pro Controller can dramatically improve your game.

Here’s what Virtual Citadel from Mitchell, MB, had to say:
Apr 23, 2017

The optimal way to play the Switch. As a person who has played Xbox 360 and Xbone for the majority of his gaming career, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a life saver. It takes the best parts of both the DualShock 4 and Xbox One Controller, then smushes them together. The shoulder buttons are similar to the DualShock 4s while the face buttons, sticks and D-pad are almost identical to that of a Xbox one Controller. This controller feels good to hold in my hands, which is something i struggle to say about the Joy Cons. If you want to save hyrule, or just dig a hole whilst fully clad in armour, BUY THIS CONTROLLER! Your hands and your wallet will thank you!

Seagate hard drive for Xbox2. Seagate external hard drive for Xbox

The file sizes of video games are getting larger year after year. To avoid the hassle of constantly deleting and re-downloading your games, an external hard drive is a must. For Xbox fans, the 2TB Seagate external hard drive for Xbox is a fantastic choice. It’s designed to easily connect to your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console and instantly increase your storage capacity. You can also store your movies and music right on the drive. For those who want to dramatically increase their storage, a huge 4TB model is also available.

Here’s what Dave from Sudbury, ON, had to say:
Mar 29, 2016

Works great! It’s a 2TB hard drive for the Xbox one. My HD on the unit (500) filled incredibly fast. I needed to expand so picked one of these up. Works of XBOne USB so no need for power plug in. Plus the unit into your Xbox; takes less than 2 minutes to format. I transferred my games and saves which took some time. In addition to having more atorage my files and games are now portable which is cool if the situation presents itself. Good buy. Color is sweet too if you care about that!

PlayStation VR3. PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is the market leader when it comes to offering the biggest and best VR experiences. While I included PS VR in this accessories list, it’s virtually a whole new gaming platform. Getting a PS VR headset will expand your possibilities with entirely new games developed specifically for virtual reality. Take on demons in Doom VFR, fly through outer space in EVE: Valkyrie, or become the Bat in Batman: Arkham VR—all in immersive 360-degree VR. For racing fans, a PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle is also available.

Here’s what Darren from Vancouver, BC, had to say:
Mar 19, 2017

Transport yourself. What can I say about psvr, well let me see … its FANTASTIC. I’m old school gamer I played on every single system ever made going back to Magnavox odyssey. And I have to admit, this is one excellent product. Better than I thought it could be. It literally transports you from your living room, to, another time and place. This is a game changer for sure. Try it. you will be blown away.

PDP Starter Kit for Switch4. PDP Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo Switch doubles as a home console and a portable gaming system. When on-the-go it’s important to protect your device with starter kit, like PDP’s Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch. It comes with a protective carrying case that can hold up 14 games. It also has a screen protector to prevent scratching and a cleaning cloth to keep your machine in top shape. And finally, it includes earbuds for listening in privacy, Joy-Con guards, and thumb caps that add extra grip.

Here’s what Arian from Thornhill, ON, had to say:
Aug 9, 2017

Amazing Product! This is a great carrying case for the Nintendo Switch! It looks appealing and is very useful as well, as it is protective for the console, has great space for cartridges, and has cleaning cloth and screen protector. It is also neither too big nor too small, making it perfect for carrying extras such as the joy-con straps, while not being too big for carrying. The joy-con protectors were also a great addition as they form a protective barrier around the entire console. Overall, it is fantastic and absolutely the way to go for a carrying case.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit5. Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

To keep yourself in the game, it’s important your batteries remained powered up. The Xbox One Play & Charge Kit does just that by giving you a long-lasting rechargeable battery. If your controller power gets low, simply use the included USB charging cord to continue your game. When your gaming is through, a 4-hour charge will completely refill the battery for your next gaming session.

Here’s what Dave from Toronto, ON, had to say:
Oct 21, 2015

Not only plays, but also charges! Tired of only being able to play and or charge your XBO controller? Well the pain of running downstairs shirtless and fumbling through that drawer of batteries to find a live one is over. Not only does this charge, but it allows me to keep playing! With only minor fumblage getting off the couch, finding the cord, and then jamming it in. If you’re sick of playing and charging being mutually exclusive then this is the product for you my friend!

Well, there you go—a selection of some of the top video games accessories as chosen by you, the Best Buy customer! Reading customer testimonials is a fantastic way to learn about the best accessories from those who bought them. You’ll learn about the accessories’ pros and cons, overall giving you a clearer idea of what to expect. Good luck with your holiday shopping, and have fun gaming!

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