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JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Overview

JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Overview


With the JBL Charge 4 portable Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to tunes with full-spectrum, powerful sound inside of the home, or even outdoors. It contains a proprietary developed driver, and a pair of JBL bass radiators that offer intensified sound that includes strong and deep bass.

The high-capacity rechargeable battery provides a long play time of up to 20 hours, and you can even use it to recharge your mobile devices if they are running into the red.

With JBL Connect+, link more than 100 JBL Charge 4 speakers together wirelessly to fill a room or entire home, or get a party going. And because the housing is waterproof, you can use the portable speaker outdoors, too.


Stream music to the JBL Charge 4 portable Bluetooth speaker from your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Connect up to two devices to one speaker simultaneously and let a friend or family member play DJ, too. Take turns, and get a playlist everyone will love, or that includes everyone’s favourite tunes.

For larger events or spaces, wirelessly connect more than 100 JBL Charge 4 portable Bluetooth speakers using JBL Connect+ to amplify and elevate the listening experience to epic levels.

Fill every corner of the basement or backyard with tunes while entertaining, or set multiple speakers up throughout the home or cottage to get music in every room, for the living room to the bathroom, back deck, kitchen, and by the pool—all from the same source, and playing in unison.


You don’t have to worry about the battery running low: the built-in 7500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery can run for up to 20 hours of continuous playtime, easily lasting through an entire weekend.

Plus, the battery can also be used to recharge your mobile devices. Plug in your phone or tablet via USB, and keep it powered up so the music never stops. And you pop the speaker, and your phone, into your bag when it’s time to go, and still have ample use time from both.


With a rugged rubber housing and IPX7 waterproof rating, you can confidently and comfortably take the JBL Charge 4 portable Bluetooth speaker with you anywhere. Bring it up to the cottage, to the pool, in the backyard during a water balloon fight, or even pack it in your beach bag for tunes by the water or while you play beach volleyball.

The JBL Charge 4 portable Bluetooth speaker is made using durable fabric material, so it can last through all of your adventures. Also, there are ten colour options including black, white, green, yellow, red, grey, sand, blue, teal, and pink.

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