In some parts of Canada, it feels like spring is already here. In Alberta, for example, we’ve started our annual yard and garden cleanup, and seeds and plants are already sprouting. I realized I could use some entertainment while working outdoors, so I started surfing for some portable, Wi-Fi speakers that don’t mind getting wet.

FUGOO Style XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker
fugoo.jpgI like the looks of the FUGOO Style XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  It’s even got audio features to put it a notch above other outdoor waterproof speakers. It has 8 acoustic drivers (powered by 38 watts deliver up to 97 decibels of sound) , 3 extra control buttons, and a USB port to charge devices like your phone. Plus if you drop it in the drink, it’s designed to float on water for easy recovery, making it perfect for using on a boat!

Other unique features in the FUGOO include multi-directional speakers with a slight upward tilt meaning you don’t need it pointed right at you to hear clearly. This speaker boasts a 35 hour battery life on just a single charge, plus it supports voice commands and searches. Of course, it’s also a speakerphone and a power bank too.
Ultimate Ears ROLL Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

While we’re into speakers that look cool, check out the Ultimate Ears ROLL Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.  This speaker (at right) looks more like a pillow than a speaker, but it comes with a 360-degree design which pumps out sound in every direction via a 2-inch driver and dual 3/4-inch tweeters. It’s obviously waterproof but UE says it’s also “exceptionally durable;” it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre, plus depending on use and conditions, you get a huge 65 feet of wireless range.  You can even double up the sound by pairing it with another Ultimate Ears speaker.

Monster Superstar Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

monster.jpgThe audio powerhouse Monster is also in the splashproof, portable Wi-Fi game with its SuperStar speaker.  It delivers sound for your music, movies, games, and even conference calls, all with crisp, clear sound Monster says is comparable to a large speaker system.

Bluetooth enables wireless connectivity with compatible smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and PCs, and the  built-in mic features advanced noise cancellation to enable wireless hands-free calling and conferencing.  The ultra-compact design delivers stereo-like sound and with the 3.5mm aux input port you can connect any compatible music device. The SuperStar is also splash resistant.

Braven BRV-1S Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


This tough-looking speaker would be right at home on a job site, but the Braven BRV-1S Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is also compact enough to take on your travels.  You can keep it beside the pool or hot tub, or thanks to it’s 14 hour battery life, you can pack it on a hike, picnic or camping outing. Another reason it’s great for trips; it’ll also act as a power bank for charging your mobile device. The waterproof rubberized exterior protects the speaker from rain, or splashes, and can handle submersion in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes! A built-in noise-cancelling microphone even lets you make and take calls.

altec.jpgAlec Lansing’s iMW457 Jacket H2O Bluetooth wireless speaker is another great looking gadget that also floats in water. While that’s great for boating, it also means you can let it bob in the hot tub or pool right along with you.
With eight hours of battery life, the music is with you for a long time. There’s also an optional aux-in jack for plugging in a device like smartphone or tablet, and an integrated carabineer to clip-on and take it to go.

Portable speakers are obviously super handy, but adding waterproof or splash proof elements to them makes them even more versatile too. Whether you’re by the pool, the lake or just sitting at home under the sprinkler, one of these options can keep you tuned in.

So whether it’s a splash from your cold summer drinks, or full on immersion in the lake, there’s a speaker that can stay with you, and give you music outdoors all summer long.

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Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Check out her blog TechGadgetsCanada.com


  1. These outdoor Bluetooth speakers are perfect for the outdoors and are designed to survive the harsh outdoor elements and yet deliver incredible sound. – wirelessspeakers.com

  2. I own three of these speakers and each is great in its own way. The Monster is just splash proof, but it’s tiny, stylish and pumps out surprising sound for its size. The Braven has decent sound for a compact, is built like a little tank and can survive a dunking—I use it for camping. But the ultimate is the Fugoo XL. Sound is nothing short of awesome for a portable, battery life is incredible and I use it outdoors in rain and snow. The Style cover looks nice, but if you’re looking for outdoor-friendly, I recommend the Tough version (http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/fugoo-fugoo-tough-xl-portable-bluetooth-speaker-black-silver-fxltfks01/10394384.aspx?path=11abf83f933ca313c953fec1b68e9e8aen02). Same speaker, but you can literally drive over it with a truck and hose it off if it gets muddy.

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