LG Transparent OLED Keynote CES 2024

LG’s Keynotes are always packed with exciting new tech for the coming year. The keynote at CES 2024 was no exception, and the brand made several TV and projector announcements including the spectacular OLED T Transparent TV. Here are a few highlights from the CES 2024 Keynote.

LG Appliances move to subscription model

There will be a new expansion for their Thank You platform. They’re adding AI to give you better data privacy at home and are introducing a new smart home hub you can use to connect all of your home’s devices.

They also mentioned ThinQ Up 2.0. It’s a service customized specifically to each and every appliance user. Before you sign up you take a lifestyle survey and, depending on your answers, you get tailored appliance services and flexible purchasing options. LG also mentioned a home appliance subscription service as part of ThinQ Up 2.0, but details on it are still scarce. I did a little research online and it looks like it could mean smart appliances could get added features if you subscribe. For example, an AI chat bot could be integrated into your range to help you whip up a recipe.

LG smart home AI Agent

LG Smart AI assistant

LG introduced a new concept called the Smart Home AI Agent. It’s essentially a robot with autonomous navigation and, according to LG, the possibility of built in empathy. The AI Agent will roll around your home and help you with daily life, and he can learn what you like and dislike so he can interact naturally with you. The robot has face and user recognition, relying on machine learning to understand context, so its responses and communications are tailored to individual members of the home. He can even watch over your pets when you aren’t home or make a call in an emergency.

New LG TVs announced

There were a few highlights that came before the introduction of the new TVs, and they highlighted the brand new Alpha 11 AI processor. It’s built into several new TVs and it will speed up and enhance your TV’s performance. They also mentioned that webOS is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and it has new updates including Dolby Vision Plus filmmaker mode to show you films the way the director intended. LG is also excited that Chromecast is now built into LG TVs.

Introducing the LG OLED T Transparent TV

LG Keynote CES 2024

LG has announced its first wireless, transparent OLED TV. Christine covered the 77 inch TV this morning so take a look at her article for all of the details. It’s supposed to be stunning, and I can’t wait to see this TV in person.

LG Signature OLED M4 and G4 TVs

LG announced their Signature OLED M4 and G4 TVs. LG OLEDs are fan favourites for gamers and sports fans because of their speedy refresh rates and spectacular OLED display. You can take a look at my article on the new LG M4 and G4 TVs for all the details on these new OLEDs as well as the new LG QNED just announced.

LG QHD OLED Gaming Monitor

If you’d rather have a gaming monitor over a gaming TV, you will love the new LG QHD OLED gaming display. It’s only available in 27 inches right now but will be available in various sizes including 31.5, 34, 39, and 45 inches. An OLED gaming display will have the best colour and contrast, but it’s the refresh rate that’s really impressive. It runs at a lightning fast 480Hz.

Those are the highlights of LG’s keynote at CES 2024. You can find LG TV’s and home theatre devices at Best Buy right now, and keep an eye on the blog for more from CES 2024.

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