new LG QNED and OLED for 2024

For me, one of the best parts of CES is always the first glimpse of the new TVs. LG is one of the big brands who comes through with new TV technology every year, and this year they’ve announced an update to their line of LG QNED, QNED Mini LED, and LG OLED. Not only do these 4K and 8K TVs have AI built in, they come in a variety of sizes including massive 97 and 98-inch displays. You can take a look at the TV buying guide for some of the new features you’ll find on TVs this year.

LG brings Advanced AI to their new QNEDS

LG will showcase several new QNED TVs at CES 2024. QNED stands for quantum dot Nanocell, and these TVs use either an LED or Mini-LED backlight with a quantum dot overlay to boost colour and brightness. Some of the new QNED TVs will have LG’s Alpha 9 processor while others will have an updated version of the LG Alpha 8 processor. The new processors are faster so the TVs have better processing time than last year’s models. With AI running the show you get features like AI Picture Pro, Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, and Personalized Picture Wizard that will use deep learning to improve the picture quality for whatever you watch, deliver natural, vibrant colour, enhance faces, and much more.

LG AI boosts the audio

LG TVs have always had great sound, and the new LG QNED and LG QNED Mini-LED TVs have AI Sound Pro to simulate virtual surround sound. Paired with WOW Orchestra technology, you can listen via the TV’s speakers or add an LG Sound Bar and both the sound bar and TV speakers will push out 3D sound for everything you watch.

Enjoy new webOS on LG QNED TVs

LG OLED for 2024

Some models of LG QNED TV will have the new webOS Re:New Program. It’s an enhanced user experience that gives you upgrades like individual profiles so everyone in your family can have their own user profile on the TV. It will also recommend viewing options based on what you’ve watched before, and offer accessibility features like sign language avatars. webOS even has voice recognition built in, so it can recognize voices so it will open up the right profile.

LG OLEDs are AI powered too

LG is well known for their lineup of OLED TVs, and this year they’re showcasing a few new models I think will be the new must-have TV for gamers. The LG Signature OLED M4 and G4 both have the Alpha 11 AI processor so they have faster processing, better picture quality, and better audio. OLED TVs always have the best colour and contrast, but the LG AI processor in the 2024 LG OLEDs improves it even more by using Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro to adjust contrast and brightness on the fly. The LG Signature M4 is also wireless and uses the Zero Connect box to connect your gaming consoles or other TV accessories.

Out of all of the new features on 2024 LG OLEDs, it’s the refresh rate that will appeal most to gamers. Previous models had 120Hz refresh rate, but the new LG OLEDS have 144Hz. Both TVs have LG Game Optimizer on board so you can switch your game settings almost instantly, and they both support NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync.

Just like the super sized LG QNED, there is also an extra large LG M4sd OLED model. If your living room has the space, you’ll now be able to choose a 97 inch OLED TV. With the colour, contrast, and upgraded refresh rate, it’s hard to imagine what an OLED TV of that size could look like.

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