xs_Red_Jabra_Sport_Coach_Lifestyle_01-970-80.jpgHeadphones with wires are so 2012. Thanks to the great quality and durability of many wireless headphones today, there’s no need to fuss with wires, flimsy connections and long cords (or hopelessly short ones).

There are a good number of high quality wireless headphones that are a worthy upgrade, especially if you’re still wrapping cords into your pocket or purse, or if you’re still using those cheap, uncomfortable earbuds that came with your phone. There’s no better way to guide you to a new pair than to have Best Buy customers share their own experiences, and their top picks.

Why go wireless? Bottom line: they’re easy:

  • No cords to get tangled up in
  • No cords to hook on at the gym or office
  • You can watch TV in peace, and without disturbing others
  • Handy for travel or commuters
  • The batteries last long enough to make it worth your while

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Sound Isolating Bluetooth Headphones  
new-Beats-By-Dre-Solo-HD-dark-blue2_01.jpgAs Angela from Lethbridge, Alberta puts it, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2, “are expensive because they are extremely good quality”. Bluetooth connectivity lets you wirelessly stream music up to 10 metres from your device, and allows you to take hands-free calls with the built-in mic. As Beats explains, “equipped with fine-tuned acoustics, the headphones also offer clarity, breadth, and balance for immersive and crisp audio.”
These phones also last 12 hours on a single battery charge, and longer in standby or when powered off.

In her review, Michelle from Thornhill Ontario adds, “the sound is phenomenal and the battery life is really good.”

Jabra Move Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Both customers that wrote reviews for this headphone gave it five stars. Azure wrote, “this is definitely a bang for your buck. Most bluetooth headphones cost a lot more than this.”

Jabra’s Move  pair wirelessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth and allow you to control your music and calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Jabra says these headphones deliver “crisp digital sound, depth and clarity in music.” George from Toronto agrees in his review, “This is an amazing headset.”

Sony Active Sports Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Sony Active Sports Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones.jpgThese are another set of phones that get just under five star ratings from customers. (You can read all the ratings for yourself too.  They’re at the bottom of every product page.)

Jim writes of the Sony Active Sports Wireless headphones, “Sony hits a home run with these earbuds. Amazing comfort, excellent sound, bass blends perfectly. I did my research and chose these. Totally satisfied, well worth the money. No disappointment at all. 5 stars across the board!!!”

Sandra Lynn from Hamilton was also blown away by these in-ear models, “I researched other brands but in the end I chose Sony. They never disappoint and in this case they exceeded what I was expecting for sound and use. They come with different size ear pieces and attachments so that was a bonus. They stay in the ear well. They sound amazing. Highly recommend these!”

The Sony Active Sports lets you wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, but it’s made for active use, with a design that resists sweat and prevents moisture from leaking in. The silicone earbuds and arc supports provide a snug and secure fit, even when you’re moving around, which has made them a popular choice on the Best Buy website, and with customers.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Plantronics backbeat pro.jpgThese headphones have more than a dozen reviews… people WANT to share how much they love them.
The Plantronics Backbeat Pro has noise-canceling technology so you can quiet the background noise whether you’re listening to music, making a phone call or watching a movie. Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR allows you to stream music up to 330 feet, and a built-in sensor automatically pauses and plays music when your remove the headset or put it back on.  How cool is that?
Dang from Halifax calls it, “one of the best headphones. Amazing sound and the Bluetooth range is far superior than anything out there. Super battery life.”

Jay D from Winnipeg adds, “great sound and comfort. I honestly can’t find something to dislike about them. They are paired with my Macbook pro and Samsung S4. Calls are crystal clear for myself and the caller. I too did a lot of research looking for the best Bluetooth headphones as I have been seriously disappointed in the past with wireless headphones. Plantronics did it right!”

Bonus pick: mine

I recently picked up a new pair of wireless headphones that I think are great.  The Jabra Sport Coach In-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones are my go-to for both the gym and travelling.
For starters, they lock into your ear with their comfortable snug fit design, so I can run 5K without them budging, and without sweat pooling in my ears, and it blocks out the blasting classic rock at the gym. The cord between the two earbuds is just the right length so they don’t feel constricting, but they still stay out of the way behind my neck. While the wireless design is the main reason I love them, they also come with built-in coaching. Using Jabra’s app, I can load up some cross training exercises, and the Sport Coach talk me through them while my music plays too. It’s a great extra motivator!

 If you’ve got a pair of wireless headphones you think is the best, tell us why in comments. Or if there’s a pair you want to know more about, or have me review for you, let me know.





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  1. I have a pair of House of Marley Liberate XLBT Bluetooth headphones I’m pretty fond of. They sound very good (although a little biased toward the low end), they’re comfortable to wear for extended sessions and I really love the unique wood/metal/cloth look –much different than the usual shiny plastic…



  2. Great pick Brad!  I’ve tested a couple House of Marley items too, and you’re right; they’re excellent, if a bit less well known than some other brands.

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