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Today I’m going to be reviewing the BenQ X3100i gaming projector. This is BenQ’s flagship gaming projector that has 4K resolution, 100% DCI-P3 colour, and dual 5W speakers. I’ll discuss what’s in the box, set-up, connectivity, picture and audio quality, gaming performance, and I’ll share my final thoughts.

Unboxing the BenQ X3100i

The BenQ X3100i comes with a good number of accessories. Inside the box you’ll find BenQ’s QS02 media streaming stick which comes licensed with Google’s Android TV. Along with the streaming stick BenQ also included a smart remote that comes with support for voice commands. For projector mounting adjustments, BenQ included three adjustment feet with magnetic screws. This gives users the flexibility to mount the BenQ X3100i in different positions.

Easy and fast set-up

BenQ makes setting up the X3100i easy providing instructions at every step. When you power on the projector, you’ll see visual instructions for adjusting picture settings and for the installation of the QS02 media streaming stick. Once the streaming stick is installed Google will take over and you will then be prompted to go through the Android TV set-up and smart remote pairing instructions. 

After you’ve done the initial set-up you can begin fine tuning adjustments. The X3100i comes with a vertical lens shift knob that allows you to shift the lens vertically by 40%-60%. This gives the X3100i more versatility for mounting the projector in different places including on ceiling, walls, or putting it on a table. The X3100i also has throw ratios of 1.15-1.5 and 1.3x zoom. This means that you can easily place the projector as close as 2.5 meters from the wall or as far as 4.9 meters.

Overall, setting-up the BenQ X3100i without any mounting took me about 15 minutes.

BenQ X3100i connectivity

Plenty of connectivity options

The BenQ X3100i comes with a good number of connectivity options. Along the back of the projector you’ll find two HDMI ports, USB Type-A port, 3.5mm jack, RS232 input, and optical audio out port. The X3100i also supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz/5GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0.

Because the X3100i takes HDMI video input, the projector is compatible with any gaming device or console that supports video out including laptops, PC’s, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. 

BenQ X3100i picture quality

The picture quality of the BenQ X3100i is clear and crisp with vibrant colours. This is because of the 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and 100% DCI-P3 colour coverage. Images are bright due to the projector’s 3300 ANSI lumens while still showing strong blacks with a 600,000:1 contrast ratio. 

The BenQ X3100i delivers a smooth picture to viewers due to its low latency. The projector delivers input lag from 16.7ms to 4.2ms depending on resolution and refresh rate—60Hz at 4K, 120Hz at 2K, and 240Hz at 1080p resolutions. Like all projectors, the BenQ X3100i’s image looks best in a dark room. However, I had no issues viewing the images produced by the X3100i during the daytime as long as the blinds were closed.

Built-in speakers provide good audio

The BenQ X3100i comes with built-in speakers that deliver an impressive audio experience. These speakers are dual 5 Watt speakers that come with spatial audio and Cinematic Sound technology. The X3100i also comes with a number of sound profiles that can be selected based on the media you’re watching or games you’re playing.

During my tests I found the speakers to have a nice balance between the low, medium, and high tones. The speakers have plenty of power and are loud enough to fill a small room. Because the speakers are housed in the body of the X3100i, they can sound a bit hollow at times. My go-to sound profile was the cinematic setting because it offered the best balance all around. Overall, the speakers provide a good audio experience for their size.

If you’d like to use external speakers the X3100i has one digital optical out port and one 3.5mm audio jack. The digital optical out is perfect for surround sound systems while the 3.5mm audio jack is perfect for headphones.

Gaming and media performance of the BenQ X3100i

Immersive gaming experience

Gaming on the BenQ X3100i is incredible. As a gaming projector the BenQ X3100i is designed to provide the best experience to gamers regardless of the games they’re playing. The X3100i comes with a feature that will automatically switch the projector settings based on the game that’s being played. These setting changes include picture profiles with different colours, latency, brightness, and contrast. Users can also customize the projector settings using BenQ’s SettingXchange app. This app has downloadable picture presets made by BenQ and other X3100i owners. All you have to do is connect the X3100i to a Windows PC and load the downloaded presets.

During my testing I played Warzone III and Tomb Raider. In first person shooter games like Warzone III having a lower latency results in a smoother game and lower input lag. The X3100i performed well on Warzone III. I lowered the game resolution to 2K so that the X3100i could output a 120Hz refresh rate so I could see and reacting quickly to any action. This worked incredibly well, I had no issues following the action and responding to enemy players.

With games like Tomb Raider, the environments are expansive and highly detailed. To play this game I bumped the game resolution up to 4K with ultra graphics settings. At 4K resolutions the X3100i is able to output a 60Hz refresh rate, this meant that I’m able to see amazing details in the game while still having a smooth gaming experience.

Media and BenQ’s QS02 streaming stick

BenQ X3100i picture quality

Media performance of the BenQ X3100i is equally as impressive. The projector comes with BenQ’s QS02 Android TV dongle giving you access to all forms of streaming platforms including YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video. The included smart remote also comes with a microphone for voice commands. This makes it convenient to open apps and find the media you’re looking for.

In terms of image quality games and media looked amazing on the X3100i, this was my first time playing any game on such a large screen. The X3100i’s settings allowed me to have an 85” image displayed. Combine this with the high resolution and I was able to see details that wouldn’t normally be seen on a computer monitor. Overall, the gaming and media performance of the BenQ X3100i is impressive and provides a new level of immersion beyond computer monitors and televisions.

BenQ X3100i front

Final thoughts on the BenQ X3100i gaming projector

The BenQ X3100i is an amazing gaming projector. Its 4K resolution, colour reproduction, contrast, and low latency make it a fantastic display for gamers. I love the projector’s built in Android TV, dual speakers, and customizable design. If you’re in the market for a gaming display, I highly recommend that you check out this projector.

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