Roku has unveiled a trio of streaming players coming to Canada this fall, which includes a new Roku Express, Premiere and Streaming Stick+. In addition to the new players, Roku will also begin including free live linear channels to its Roku Channel app. There will be up to 14 channels to start, with more to come at a later date. More on that further down.

The new streaming players are small designs, rather than set top boxes, meant to carry on the company’s recent move toward more affordable options.

Roku Express

This is the new entry-level model for Roku, and is now 10 per cent smaller than its predecessor. It is limited to 1080p HD quality, so won’t be able to play 4K content, but does have the benefit of being fully powered by most TVs when plugged in. An adhesive two-sided tape is also in the box to keep it from dangling off the TV.

Functionally, not much has changed, and it still comes with the remote control, HDMI cable and power cord. The remote now includes a shortcut button to the Roku Channel, a great aggregator for free movies and shows from over a dozen channels. Netflix, Google Play and CBS All Access are the others. The remote does use IR (infrared), so you do need to point it at the Express to control it.

Roku Premiere

Going with the Roku Premiere also means an upgrade to 4K streaming quality with support for HDR (provided your TV can also display it). It’s the one newcomer in this group because the previous Premiere was a set top box, not this small design. It functions much like the Express does, only with a smaller form factor and better components under the hood.

It comes with a remote control, HDMI cable and power cord. The remote has the same shortcut buttons. In fact, Roku will be using them across this new line, so there are no differences or exclusives to note. It is an IR remote, meaning you do need to place it with enough visibility to control it.

As is the case with any Roku device, including previous ones, the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android also works as a remote and private audio device. Plug in a pair of headphones to your phone and the audio transfers over from the TV, helping you watch what you want without disturbing anyone.

Roku Streaming Stick+

The new Streaming Stick+ is almost a carbon copy of the previous version, with only minor changes or upgrades. One is a new mute button on the remote control, along with the aforementioned set of shortcut buttons. Voice-enabled search is back, courtesy of the microphone button on the remote itself, as is the lack of IR, which makes it easy to use it without pointing it at the TV.

It maintains the other bells and whistles that include 4K HDR content and Wireless-AC for faster Wi-Fi connections. If you want the best Roku has to offer in a dedicated device, the Streaming Stick+ appears to be it.

Live linear channels

The Roku Channel is an aggregator that pulls in content from other channels. It’s not a streaming service unto itself, since it just brings in movies and shows already available in other channels. Everything the channel offers is free, with limited ads to keep the flow going.

Now, all that content is going to come with what are called live linear channels, which are supposed to offer something for everyone. This is the full confirmed list thus far.

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Coming soon

Look for the latest Roku players and the updated Roku Channel to come to market in the coming weeks. All will be available at Best Buy, and you can check out all the current Roku devices here.

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