The Lego Movie Review – Everything is Awesome


Film Synopsis

Emmet (Chris Pratt) is just an ordinary Lego minifigure, but once he touches something he’s not supposed to, he becomes the “special” and he’s the only one that can stop bad guy, Lord Business (Will Ferrell), who wants to end the world.

My thoughts on the film
Finally, the wait is over. Well, at least it is for me. Most of you will have to wait until February 7th, but either way, it’s a movie worth waiting for. The trailer for The Lego Movie brought laughter, enjoyment and those great or terrible memories when we were kids. (No offense if you’re an adult still playing with Lego). Now, does The Lego Movie deliver the goods? It sure does.
I’m not sure if we can put The Lego Movie in the upper class of animation films, but it certainly holds up. We all know how static Lego pieces can be and the movement of the Lego minifigures added that extra bit of enjoyment to the film (Stop-motion and CGI). The amount of detail they put in the movie exceeded my expectations. Whether it was the 1980-something space guy, showing all the sets they have ever made (while making fun of a few) or the newest addition to Lego, The Simpsons – showing Milhouse for a few seconds. Everything looked like it was made out of Lego. For example, the water, clouds and smoke, would look like Lego pieces or something you would see in the 80s, where it would be pixelated.

I have to give it up to the casting department. I’m not sure if the actors/actresses were super excited for a Lego movie that they lined up to audition or the casting department actually picked people because you couldn’t picture them being anyone else except their character in the movie. Sure, Will Ferrell is a funny guy, but being the bad guy with that laugh of his, was surely the perfect fit. Chris Pratt as Emmett was exactly like his character in the TV show Parks and Recreation. If you ever needed a funny version of Batman, Will Arnett would be your go-to guy and even Jonah Hill was being Jonah Hill. He did the voice for Green Lantern and for the entire movie; all he did was try to be friends with Superman, but in the most annoying way possible. There are plenty of Lego characters that make cameos. You name it and there’s a good chance they made an appearance.

There are a ton of one-liners in the movie that you will certainly be spitting out when the movie is over. You’ll probably be laughing randomly in front of strangers who will think you’re crazy when you remember some of the scenes. Lastly, there’s this song, Everything is Awesome, which may be the catchiest song of all time.

Rating 5/5

The Lego Movie turned out to meet my expectations and then some more. What was really great about the storyline is the message. In a world where people are coming up with new ideas every day and starting their own business, no matter how weird, awesome or crazy those ideas are, in the end, there is a purpose for them in one way or another, leaving us to say, no idea is a bad idea.
P.S. Warner Bros. has already given a sequel the green light, even though the movie hasn’t been released. How awesome is that?

The Lego Movie hits theatres this Friday, February 7th. So, while you wait, make sure to check out Best Buy’s Lego Store for all of the new Lego Movie play sets.

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