Maybe you’re talking about it on social media or everyone is talking about it at the watercooler at work, regardless, HBO recently released a 15-minute preview of season 4 and it is certainly putting people in awe. Now, while HBO continues to do their marketing for season 4, let’s not forget about season 3. Game of Thrones Season 3 is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, so now you can relive or rewatch the epicness that is season 3.


Let’s make one thing clear – the episode known as “The Red Wedding” or the actual title, “The Rains of Castamere” is not the entire storyline of season 3. Without going into too much detail, season 3 revolves around the first half of A Storm of Swords. The novel is so long, that the second half of it will unfold in the fourth season. The Lannisters hardly hang on to the throne and the power in the North could potentially be unbalanced. 

The Details

One thing everyone raves about is the production value in Game of Thrones and every season, they continue to surprise us with the quality of detail. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have HBO surely enjoyed the outstanding detail, but it might be fair to say that we get so involved with the storyline that we sometimes miss the little things that really make the show stand out and that is where the Blu-ray comes in. With beautiful 1080p, there’s no way we can miss the finest of detail. There’s no such thing as noise in the video and that has most certainly become a standard with any recent HBO releases. The colour and contrast, which of course adds to the experience, are perfect, so long as you don’t have any whacky settings on your TV. 

Of course, we cannot forget about the audio, but what is there to say? DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 not only gives us beautifully crisp dialogue (because nothing is more disappointing than dialogue you can’t fully understand), but even the smallest sound effect will be more glaring than ever, in a good way that is. 

 What really makes this a truly remarkable box set are the special features. Whether you want to know more about the history, characters, production or crew, it’s all there for you to take in. I think it’s fair to say the first special feature everyone will watch is “The Rains of Castamere Unveiled”. The beauty of it is, it runs for over 47 minutes. That’s almost another episode. 

Bottom Line

Odds are, you’re reading this review because you’re either a Game of Thrones fan or you want to finally jump on board. Well, it’s simple. Game of Thrones fans will thoroughly enjoy this box set, especially the lengthy and wonderful extra features that will certainly keep them busy until the premiere of season 4. For those ready to jump the ship, well, this is probably one of the best box sets when it comes to quality. So, what are you waiting for, have I not convinced you on what you are missing out on?

Season 4 premieres on April 6th.

Chris Vales
I'm an Assistant Merchandise Manager at Best Buy’s head office, but if there’s one thing that I love to talk and write about, it’s movies and television. You can find more articles on my website .