Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the women in your life can be a difficult feat. Whether it’s your significant other, your mother, sister, or best friend, Christmas is the time to spoil and show appreciation for the women in your life. Best Buy’s Holiday Gift Guide can help take some of the pressure off.

This year get her something to improve the quality of her everyday life; a smart speaker is a gift that keeps on giving. There are plenty of options when it comes to smart speakers, so finding the right one is all about considering what the speaker will be used most for. Here are a few suggestions that you can make finding the perfect speaker for the lucky person in your life easier.

Smart Speakers are the gift that keep on giving 

There’s nothing like receiving a gift you’re excited to put to use, and a smart speaker is just that. Smart speakers are straightforward devices that bring your favourite music and podcasts to life, but they also have plenty of other uses.  Smart Speakers can make to-do lists, aid in tasks, and quickly answer questions. When paired with other devices or electronics in the house, they can also provide easier functionality of all the electronic devices throughout your home. 

Make school easier with a Smart Speaker

Google Nest MiniYour sister or friend may be livin’ la vida dorm room these days, and sometimes it can get stagnant in there. You can help amp up her room with some new tech that will bring life to her dorm. A Google Nest Mini can set alarms, play music at dorm-room friendly levels, all while also being her research assistant as she studies. Plus, they come in a variety of fun colours to suit her feng shui. 


Bring her home to life with Voice Command 

Amazon Echo or Google Home MaxIt’s no secret that life is getting busier everyday; making every-day tasks easier can lessen stress and create more time to get other things done. Give her the gift of effortlessness. When used with other devices, Smart speakers make her home more functional and her devices easily accessible. Pairing an Amazon Echo or Google Home Max with it’s compatible Smart Plugs will allow her to turn on and off lights, and control other electronic devices throughout the house. 

Make her home gym her sanctuary  

Google Nest Hub MaxWith at-home workouts getting more and more popular, many people are creating home gyms in their own spaces. This requires an allocated space, mats, weights, and other exercise equipment. A smart speaker is a great addition to a home gym space as well. If she’s a visual exerciser, she can use Google Nest Hub Max or Alexa Echo Show to stream her favourite work out videos. Or just use a classic Google Home if she prefers using just audio instructions, or to play her favourite music. For more info on the Google Nest Hub check out this review

Calling made easier with Smart Display 

Amazon Alexa Show 5For the ladies in your life that live further away, you likely keep in touch via phone calls and facetime. You can make communicating together feel even more in-person with a Smart Speaker. You can call directly through your smart device and freely roam about as if you’re in the same room together. To feel even closer, an Amazon Alexa Echo Show or Google Nest Hub Max will make calling her loved ones feel like they’re right by her. Here’s more insight into the Amazon Alexa Show 5 from the Best Buy Blog. 

Smart Speakers are a great gift for everyone 

Finding the perfect gift for her doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may feel. Sometimes all we want is something that we can actually put to good use. A smart speaker will make the lives of anyone in your life easier and more fun. Whether you’re young or old, it’s a universally exciting gift to receive on Christmas Day. 

Shadi Bozorg
Originally a Vancouverite, Shadi is a freelance writer and social media coordinator now surviving the winters of Toronto. She spends her free time reading, doing creative writing, and trying to make her Fitbit proud. Shadi can also be found in the kitchen as she trains for the next round of Masterchef tryouts.