You’ve been browsing the stores and scouring the Internet, looking for just the right information to guide you in deciding which 4K or 8K TV to get as a gift for the family this holiday season.

And what a lucky family they are! A big-screen television is a really awesome gift for any clan. It’s one of the pieces of technology that truly brings a family together, whether watching movies together, binging Netflix shows, or playing high-definition video games over the holidays break. But, how do you choose which TV is right for your family and the space you have? Just a few months ago you had the choice between a HD or a 4K TV. Now, 4K TVs are pretty much the mainstream instead of the new kid on the block. That designation belongs to the new 8K TV models. But, do you need an 8K set right now, or should you get that 4K TV on sale? I’ll give you all the information you’ll need to make the right choice.

The Difference between HD, 4K and 8K

4K vs 8KSo, let’s go over the different TV technologies out there on the market right now, starting with HD TV. An HD TV refers to either a 720p or 1080p screen resolution, but you will most likely find mostly 1080p (also known as Full HD) sets in stores. These Full HD TVs offer about two million pixels no matter the size of the screen. So, that means larger HD screens have the same number of pixels as smaller HD screens, but the pixels are larger, so, really large screens have large pixels can lead to a blurry, or blocky looking image.

4K televisions, on the other hand, feature more than eight million pixels, which is four times the pixels you get with HD. That many pixels allow you to see ultra-fine details, no matter the size of the TV. And, 4K TVs can upscale content made for HD TVs, as 4K content is less abundant than HD stuff.

Now, 8K TVs are the latest and greatest television tech, offering somewhere in the neighbourhood of 33,177,600 pixels, which is 16 times the pixels of HD and four times that of 4K. You can read more about 8K in this blog titled “What is 8K?”.

How to choose between 4K and 8K

You may be thinking that 8K sounds like the best option for your family gift, but there are a few factors you need to consider before deciding which resolution TV is best for you.

What TV fits your budget?

Obviously, the latest technology is always going to be pricier than older types of TVs. So, when trying to figure out which type of TV to buy, you need to start with how much you can afford to spend. As 8K models are now becoming more and ore available from a wider range of companies, the prices of 4K TVs are coming down. So, if you have a limited budget, you can definitely find a decent 4K set at a great price these days.

What size TV do you need?

Since we are talking 4K and 8K TVs, know that you will have a hard time finding a 4K TV that is under 40 inches these days, and 8K TVs start at about 55 inches and run up to 85 inches. That’s because the smaller the screen, the less impact a high resolution and all those pixels will have on the image. In fact, the human eye likely won’t detect a difference between 8K, 4K and HD on a smaller screen. So, if you are choosing between the two, realize that you are going to need the space for one of these babies.

How close do you sit to your TV?

The higher the resolution TV you have, the closer you can sit to the screen without seeing those blocky pixels. The farther you sit away from your TV, the less you will benefit from having that super-duper hi-res television.

What content is available?

Finally, the last thing to consider is content. When 4K TVs came on the market a few years ago, content was pretty sparse. That rings true for 8K televisions right now. So, no matter how high a TV’s resolution is, if the video can’t match it, the TV won’t be reaching its full potential. However, 8K TVs can upscale content to as close as 8K as possible, so there is that, plus the fact that as 8K becomes more popular there will be more and more content coming out for it. You’ll just have to wait a bit.

So, if you have the budget, space and optimal viewing conditions, and you want to future-proof your viewing experience, then by all means go shopping for an 8K TV, but if not, then a 4K will do you fine for the next few years.

Accessories for your 4K or 8K TV

If you are going to lay down some cash for 4k or 8K Tv for the family, then you may want to also pick up a few accessories to augment the experience.

By far, the best thing you can pick up along with your new TV is a good home theatre system. Now that you have the big screen, you will want big sound to match. You can choose a system with five to seven speakers, or maybe get an inexpensive sound bar that delivers surround sound. No matter what you choose, you will appreciate the increase in audio fidelity, bigger and crisper sounds, all while being immersed in the action.

You may also want to add an Apple TV under the tree as well, which lets you stream Netflix, watch YouTube, buy or rent movies to stream from iTunes and the Apple store, and so much more.

In addition, you will want to make sure you have a good set of high quality HDMI cables so you’re sure you are getting the best picture possible.

Did that help? Do you know what TV you want to buy for the family as a gift now? Make sure to check out the selection of 4K and 8K televisions available online at Best Buy.

Steven Hill
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