Hisense tv, ces 2020
Hisense Laser TV

There are some new TVs on the horizon from Hisense, announced at CES 2020.

Hisense L5 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV (check out the L8D Laser TV here) is meant to give you a big screen experience at home. This laster video projector has an ultra short throw range, so you don’t need to set it up all the way across the room, but it still gives you a big image size. With a built in speaker Hisense is billing it as an affordable alternative to large LCD screens, with true-to-life images that Hisense says exceeds the standard 4K colour range.

Hisense shows new TVs at CES 2020

Despite the short throw, “the L5’s blue laser light source produces razor-sharp, precise images with stunning detail, all while avoiding unwanted light dispersion and offering a more natural viewing experience”, says Hisense in a news release.

Hisense tv, ces 2020
Laser TV projector from Hisense

I had a chance to take a look at this device on the CES 2020 show floor and I can say with conviction that it looks great, and very sharp and detailed. Initially I didn’t actually realize it was even a projector! Hisense says it doesn’t have a launch date for this projector yet in Canada, but it does have some other TVs that are coming out later this year.

Hisense Q8G Quantum

Hisense showed off the Q8G Quantum — which it says is its most popular Android TV. With Quantum Dot technology for better and more realistic colours, plus Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in sizes up to 75”, the Q8G Series is billed as a high quality TV, again at an affortable price.

When it comes to Hisense’s Roku TVs, the company shared details on the new Hisense R6G Series. Hisense’s Roku TV models have a customizable home screen, and thousands of free and paid streaming channels. With the Roku mobile app you get features like Roku Voice search and private listening via headphones too.

Swivel TV & decorator options from Hisense

At the show I also had a chance to check out some beautiful and versatile TV designs. Hisense is making what it calls the VIDAA, which is a TV that will swivel on a special bracket. It’s designed to mimic the orientation the video was shot in; whether that’s the cinematic horizontal or letterbox video of a Hollywood blockbuster, or the vertical video everyone takes on their smartphones.

Another beautiful Hisense set has lovely rounded corners and a wide leather strap, so it hands on the wall and looks almost like one of those fancy designer mirrors.

Hisense tv, ces 2020I would absolutely love to have either of those TVs in my home; they look great from a design perspective and the video quality is outstanding too.

Until these new TVs come to market, check out the current line up of Hisense TVs at Best Buy.

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