It might seem impossible, but the Christmas season is already here. As you start to think about what you need to buy for your family or loved ones, make sure to remember the stocking stuffers! If you’re struggling to find appropriate gifts for the music lover in your life, we have the most affordable or stocking-size headphones that make for the ideal Christmas morning surprise.

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skullcandy, indy, review, evo, fuel, headphones, earbudsTruly Wireless headphones

Headphone technology is all about truly wireless today. With absolutely zero wires, these headphones are small, discrete and can sound as amazing as your budget allows. While a sweet pair of truly wireless headphones will slip nicely into a stocking, they can be pricey, so it pays to shop within a budget. Check out all the truly wireless headphones at Best Buy.

Small & sporty headphones

Skullcandy Indy are wired in-ear headphones are perfect for someone who wants light-weight headphones. With various earbud sizes, your loved one can wear these headphones with no pain. These headphones are water-resistant and noise isolating and also have an inline microphone to talk hands-free.

If you are looking for headphones that can last all day long, TaoTronics Sound Liberty 92 are it. These headphones’ battery will last for hours of playback time. They even have built-in magnet, so you can keep the two earbuds attached when not listening to reduce the potential for tangled wires.

Sony makes great headphones so sneaking a pair of  these gems into a stocking will be a welcome gift. The Sony WF-SP800N have a light-weight design, it will feel like you’re not weighing headphones at all. The integrated microphone and smartphone playback control make it the perfect accessory for any tech-obsessed person. Check out my full review of these headphones too.

Gaming headphones

If there’s a gamer in your family, you might want to tailor a headphone selection to their needs. Best Buy has a vast amount of choice when it comes to gaming headphones so be sure to learn about the features of a gaming headset that your gamer is most interested in.

Great headphones for kids’ stockings

When is comes to sliding some headphones into your kids stockings, the best choice is usually determined by their age. While teens will want the latest and flashiest, littler kids often want a certain colour or ones that hearken to their favourite characters. While there’s a wealth of choice in kids’ headphones, look for ones that get good ratings for durability.

Shopping for someone who loves Zelda? These over-the-ear headphones are branded with graphics from Zelda and deliver rich audio. The padded earphones and adjustable headbands make for an extremely comfortable listening experience.

Inexpensive and easy stocking stuffer headphones

Skullcandy Ink’d in-ear wired headphones are a little more minimalist than other headphones on this list; they do come with a wire but don’t have anything that wraps around the ear. It’s perfect for someone who wants to listen to music for long periods of time comfortably. These are some of the most budget-friendly options out there too, making them perfect for using as an inexpensive but handy stocking stuffer.

Coveted by teens: great teen headphones

If you’re searching for a gift for someone who wants the latest and greatest to show off to their friends, then Beats by Dr. Dre BeatsX Wireless Earphones are the perfect option. Just five minutes of charging can give you two hours of playback time, making it a great gift for someone who is always on the go. These are a little more expensive than other headphones on the list, but you will be getting a boost in sound quality.

The overall quality of these headphones and the low price make them a good buy to tuck inside a stocking, or even a December advent calendar.

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